IN response to your front page news regarding Premier Care – Ambulance crew finds ‘dead’ gran was asleep (Keighley News, February 8) – I feel that you should print a positive response to this company.

Premier Care looks after and cares for my terminally-ill dad with excellent and above-and-beyond care.

My father loves their visits, and I too as his carer know that l can fully rely on them.

If at any time they thought that my father had passed away, I hope they respond in the same way because if that is not caring then I don’t know what is?

They have respect and care always.

I say carry on Premier Care and keep up your good work.

As for accidents, hey ho, they happen! Things break down!

Finally, if that was front page news when elsewhere in your paper is disgusting and worrying news, then I cannot but think that you should review your editor.

JULIE ZSIRMAN Glenhurst Grove, Keighley