IN response to your front page article of February 1 – Fight on as 130 homes planned for green belt – I would like to add my support to BANDAG, Councillor Cath Bacon and John Grogan MP. I am also against the proposed development for the following reasons:

Green belt is green belt. We must fight for the right to retain green belt, green fields and farmland for us and future generations.

Once built on, they are gone forever.

This concern is only part of the debate. Yes, create 130 new houses, but on brownfield sites and only when the infrastructure has been put in place.

Resources for the area need careful planning to meet the demands of a growing population, for example pre-school and school provision, road safety, traffic flow, parking, health centres and social services, village halls, recreation, parks and police/security. It is unbelievable that we are cutting local services and yet building more houses.

We must resist this proposal and say ‘yes’ to new homes when the above is in place – brownfield developments that provide safe affordable housing with commitment to build a community for everyone.

Let’s plan jointly and sensibly for a better future by listening to the views of local people and not letting a small group decide on a plan which will be a backward step and break an already fragile infrastructure.

Together we can find a solution that can benefit all of our town.


Keighley town councillor (Oakworth)