I AM very pleased to see that the council is taking seriously the matter of people drinking alcohol and shouting at passers-by and threatening them – whilst injecting themselves with drugs, openly of course – in a Keighley main street, not to mention allowing their dog to attack a security guard – Booze and drugs are targeted amid fears (Keighley News, March 1).

The matter is taken so seriously that the council is considering imposing a PSPO!

Crikey, what a serious move.

When I was a police officer in Keighley many moons ago, we used to deal with such people with actions like arrest, detaining and charging and putting such people before the courts – using powers including the Public Order Act, Misuse of Drugs Act and even laws concerning nasty dogs (and their owners).

But then again, here I am living in the past, when we had bobbies on the beat, local police stations and courts of law.

Just thankful that our governing bodies, both national and local, are giving the public of Keighley the protection it deserves.

What brave words are spoken, but what action is taken? The trouble with most politicians (I repeat, most) is that they have never had to face up to anything more violent than a bent paper clip!

Come on Theresa May and your like, cut another 20,000 police officer posts (contrary to your promise frontline officers would be protected) and let's have more anarchy on our streets.

I pity the police of today and the total lack of staff they are allowed, to even try to combat the problems we ratepayers face. A disgrace.