A FEW weeks ago the Keighley News ran a story highlighting the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway’s concerns about trespassers on its line, but what can it expect in view of the public’s love affair with The Railway Children?

In the Keighley News of July 19 – Classic film still reels in the crowds – we are treated, for the umpteenth time, to Jenny Agutter and her siblings sauntering arm-in-arm along the sleepers, then striking a pose right across the track.

On July 12 – Hunt for Railway Children – it was a trio of Stage Academy performers standing smack on the track waving to an approaching train.

Several times over the decades I have raised this point – tentatively, for I don’t want to seem too much of a killjoy – and the invariable response is “but it’s only a story!”

Maybe so, but what sort of example does it set, especially to children?