THE opening of the memory garden on Church Green is to be applauded.

As a regular user of the seating around the green, I was pleased when the new seating was installed and the grass and flowers were tidied and planted.

Certainly, the gardeners who tend the various public areas of Keighley with a whole variety of flora should be applauded for the fine work they do.

Likewise, those who clean these areas should receive praise, and those various organisations that were responsible for the creation of the garden and its new seating be thanked for their efforts.

Having made those points, it would seem to me that the good work and intentions are already being thwarted by a variety of people who could not care less about the project.

It took merely a day before the drunks and drug addicts moved onto the benches and began spilling their beer, dropping their cigarettes and using foul language.

Not only have they continued to commit these antisocial acts, but they are often seen lying prostrate and seemingly comatose from what they have been consuming.

The place now is hardly a haven for those suffering from dementia, let alone the general public. What a pity!

The message to the authorities must be to do something about this disgraceful situation.

TREVOR HOLDSWORTH Quebec House, Keighley