I OFTEN call in at our Tourist Information Centre in Haworth.

I noticed on my most recent visit that the shop looked quite sparse, almost to the point of running down stock.

I do hope this doesn’t mean that the future of this needed asset is still in doubt?

The building has a rich history and commands a prominent place at the pinnacle of Main Street. If it were to become empty it would be relegated to just another eyesore and wasted opportunity.

I find it incredible and disappointing that Bradford Council includes the village in its tourist portfolio yet is reluctant to invest in its TIC and toilet facilities.

CHRISTOPHER LEE Haworth l A Bradford Council spokesman responds: “Following very challenging Government spending cuts, the council made the difficult decision in February 2015 to reduce visitor information centre funding.

“Since then, there have been ongoing discussions across the district to find new ways of providing information for visitors.

“This has included open and transparent consultations where we listened to the views of a broad range of local businesses and tourism sector partners.

“In Ilkley, the parish council is funding two members of staff and the information centre has relocated to the local library.

“Saltaire now has an information point in Victoria Hall.

“We are still discussing the future of the Haworth Visitor Information Centre with local people and expect to come to an agreement in the coming weeks.

“Meanwhile, the Haworth Visitor Information Centre remains open and we will ensure it has a good selection of souvenirs and gifts.”