A KEIGHLEY district school hopes to inspire even more of its pupils to take up engineering as a career.

South Craven School invited professor Kel Fidler, who regularly promotes the subject of engineering, to come and speak to year 10 to 13 students as part of a project called Speakers for School.

A spokesman for the school said: "Professor Fidler explained the difference between science and engineering.

"Science is about analysis, finding out the nature of things and developing models of unknown things to predict behaviour. Engineering on the other hand is about making, creating and designing.

"Using Joseph Bazalgette as an example, professor Fidler talked about how this man set about the problem of sewage in London in the 19th century and how his engineering solution – London's sewers – solved the problem and still exist and work today.

"Engineering encompasses a huge range of disciplines, and it was perhaps this aspect of the talk which interested the students the most and made them look anew at the opportunities that a qualification in engineering can bring."