UNLESS you happen to be living in a cocoon or a country with a media blackout then you will definitely have heard about the Race for Life initiative.

In case you really don’t know, this is a series of events for women to raise money for Cancer Research and to raise awareness of the fight against this illness.

This has become a truly massive project and millions of women take part every year. It is now that time of year when all the separate activities which make up the Race for Life start to take place.

Initially it was a 5k “race” but now there are 10k events, pretty mudder events (getting muddy on an obstacle course like the infamous Tough Mudder but, shorter and a bit more genteel!) There is even both a half and a full marathon now.

However, if this is your first time then the 5k challenge is your target.

This is the perfect opportunity to get yourself moving. Five kilometres is just over three miles so is well within most people’s capabilities with a little preparation.

“Oh I couldn’t do that” is something I hear a lot. But you know what? I’ll bet you can.

So how do you prepare? As I’ve said before – plan, plan and plan.

First enter an event. Near to Keighley there are races in Ilkley and Bradford, plus lots of others a little further afield.

Ideally enter with a friend or a few friends so that you can encourage each other.

Then plan some training. Find a short circuit near to home, or use one of the parks in Keighley, and organise some sessions.

If you are totally new to running don’t try and run 5k immediately Try and cover 2 to 3k at first. And by cover I mean that! Walk it all if you need to.

Run between two trees and then walk to the next. Run 10 metres and then walk 50 metres. It doesn’t matter at all. 'Just do it', as the famous slogan goes. What you will discover, with regular training like this, is that you will very quickly improve.

You will run further between walks. You will ache less the day after the more you do it. You will sleep better, feel better and you will have more energy. Many people actually find they also eat better and make healthier choices. Is there a good reason not to do it? If you can think of one let me know.

The whole point of the Race for Life is about the participation, not about setting a world record. So it is fun.

And it is your perfect opportunity to get active. I have worked with a number of clients who have started walking the Race for Life, and it has spurred them on to bigger and better achievements. One has even completed The London Marathon.

So grasp this perfect opportunity to get yourself going, raise money for a fantastic cause and have a whole load of fun with family and friends along the way.

Check out the website for more details and to enter at raceforlife.org Good luck and enjoy!