THERE are still plenty of outdoor adventures to be had before summer closes its doors.

There will be ‘50 things before you are 11 ¾ ’ fun every Tuesday and Wednesday from 1pm to 3pm until August 31.

This provides families with the perfect opportunity to turn off those electronic gadgets and get back to basic childhood fun!

Under the canopy of trees in the Discovery Garden select the perfect sticks and set to work and build your own place to hide, or have simple messy fun making mud pies to feed the rather shy fairy who lives in the bottom of the tree.

This past week has seen mini raft building, all using natural materials found in the fields and meadows. We’ve not had one sinking ship yet.

The fun doesn’t stop in September – join us whatever the weather and see what you can create with a stick. Start by exploring the garden and grounds to find the perfect stick and multi coloured leaves that are starting to fall then head back to our Discovery Room.

Let your imagination run wild and create something fabulous. The led activity will run every Sunday from September 11 to October 16 , from noon till 1pm and 1.30pm till 2.30pm.

The house, gardens and surrounding landscape offer an ever-changing view in the fading summer light and a real feel for what life would have been like inside these 400 year old walls.

The return to school in 2016 creates an image of bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils, while traditionally for the farm workers in a bygone era it would mean the hard work of the year would pay off.

The focus at East Riddlesden Hall from September 24 to October 28 will be to celebrate a true country harvest and re-create how the previous residents lived off the fat of the land.

The house kitchen will host a display of traditional food and the Great Hall will be the central point for a harvest from a bygone era, some of which are still staples of our diets today.

To start this time-honoured tradition we celebrated Lammas Day on August 1, showing signs of the bountiful harvest yet to come. We couldn’t have brought this celebration to life without the support of Keighley Sainsbury’s and their talented baker, Mike Armstrong.

The gardens are still working their magic; enjoy the start of the changing season as a whole host of new colours ignite the property.

There will be new guests on the lower fields towards the end of September. The arrival of Highland cattle will provide many benefits to the fields and meadows.

Cattle are a much better than sheep for grazing grasslands as they are not as selective in what they eat. Rather than just eating the juicy plants (which are often the ones we want to keep !) they will also eat some of the rough grasses.

This is a really exciting time for East Riddlesden Hall; it gives more reasons to return each season.