MEDIEVAL doctor Matthew Bartholomew and Brother Michael are off on another expedition from their home at Michaelhouse College in Cambridge.

But death follows them, as it always does, and the Suffolk town of Clare is about to suffer as many murders as the pair usually find back in in the university city.

Matthew and Michael are part of a deputation from the college to the funeral of wealthy benefactor Elizabeth de Burgh, in the hope she’s left a much-needed legacy to Michaelhouse.

They soon discover Lady de Burgh’s death has been greatly exaggerated: it was a hoax to attract a host of former friends and enemies to Clare for reasons unknown.

Soon the bodies are dropping, and a host of potential killers emerge with an equally diverse set of potential motives.

After more than 20 books about Bartholomew, Gregory is still going strong, and this is the usual satisfying brew of eccentric characters, convoluted plotting and witty asides.

David Knights