WOW what a show! Blood Brothers is a performance you don’t want to miss at Bradford’s Alhambra theatre.

It’s the kind of show that you can enjoy time and time again, although you’ll need to make sure you have a packet of tissues, as I and a lot of the audience had tears rolling down our cheeks in the closing stages.

The show is set in Liverpool and revolves around twin boys separated at birth due to the mother having too many children.

As much as Mrs Johnstone (Lyn Paul) and Mrs Lyons (Sarah Jane Buckley) tried to keep the boys apart nature just wouldn’t have it, and although Mickey (Sean Jones) was brought up on a poor estate and Eddie (Mark Hutchinson) had a completely different upbringing with private education they became the best of friends and inseparable blood brothers.

This is a musical like no other I’ve seen, that has you laughing out loud at the humour, then the next minute feeling the urge to burst into tears.

Every one of the actors require a mention, but a few stood out to me including Mrs Johnstone (Lyn Paul) the backbone of the show as the single parent to a number of children. She sang each and every song beautifully.

Also the Narrator (Dean Chisnall) whose voice was extremely powerful and a treat to listen to.

The twins Mickey (Sean Jones) and Eddie (Mark Hutchinson) worked well together and it was clever how they “aged” throughout the show.

Blood Brothers is at Alhambra Theatre until Saturday November 4.

Laura Harness