SKIPTON Players will present a double bill of comedy at the town’s Little Theatre until Saturday February 24.

The theatre next to the Tesco supermarket entrance features A Family Affair by Christopher Owen and Little Grimley Presents Strictly Sex Factor on Ice by David Tristram.

A Family Affair is set in Dilys and Brian’s dining room in their house in a small town where the couple, along with Dilys’ sister Miriam, are having Sunday lunch.

Dilys and Miriam are sisters who have always been jealous of each other especially where men are concerned. Brian, Dilys’ husband, is caught in the middle.

However, it turns out he has a few surprises up his sleeve.

In the other play, the Little Grimley Amateur Society are faced with yet another threat to their very existence.

Reality TV shows have ravaged their Saturday night audiences, which in their hey-day used to occasionally reach double figures.

Never one to take these things lying down, chairman Gordon has devised a cunning plan to compete head-on – their very own live Saturday night blockbuster

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