CLASSICS by Agatha Christie and Emily Brontë feature in the remaining plays of the current Keighley Playhouse season.

Next up at the Devonshire Street theatre is the Queen of Crime’s thriller The Hollow, directed by Mike Boothroyd from March 5 to 10.

Christie focuses on an unhappy game of Follow the Leader that explodes into murder one weekend the home of Sir Henry and Lucy Angkatell.

Dr Cristow is at the centre of the trouble - Henrietta his mistress, Veronica ex-mistress mistress and Gerda his wife are all at The Hollow.

Also visiting are Edward who is in love with Henrietta and Midge who loves Edward.

Veronica ardently desires to marry Cristow and succeeds in re-opening their affair but is unable to get him to divorce his wife.

Veronica states that if she cannot have him, no one shall. Five minutes later Cristow is dead and nearly everyone has a motive and most had the opportunity.

Enter Inspector Colquhoun and Sergeant Penny to solve the crime.

Emily Brontë’s romantic drama Wuthering Heights will be staged from April 23 to 28, in a production directed by Nikki Barrett.

The new adaptation promises to bring the passionate and spellbinding tale of forbidden love and revenge to life on stage.

Set on the wild, windswept Yorkshire moors, Wuthering Heights is the tempestuous story of free-spirited Catherine and dark, brooding Heathcliff.

As children running wild and free on the moors, Cathy and Heathcliff are inseparable.

As they grow up, their affection deepens into passionate love, but Cathy lets her head rule her heart as she chooses to marry wealthy Edgar Linton.

Heathcliff flees broken-hearted, only to return seeking terrible vengeance on those he holds responsible, with epic and tragic results.

The Playhouse season comes to an end on June 11-16 in a comedy by Bernard Slade, entitled You Say Tomatoes, directed by Hannah Williams and Kevin Moore.

The laugh-filled comedy explores differences in British and American attitudes and manners that surface during an unlikely romantic liaison.

Libby Daniels, a New York film producer, hopes to revive her fading career by acquiring the movie rights to Giles St. James’s popular British mysteries.

She tracks down the reclusive, eccentric writer, only to discover that he loathes Americans as much as she dislikes the British.

They form an uneasy professional partnership that is constantly threatened by their growing mutual attraction and by Giles’ outspoken opinions on American life.

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