Pandora's Boy – Lindsey Davis

FLAVIA Albia is back on the mean streets of Ancient Rome and this time she's tangling with gangsters.

The feisty private investigator's latest case seems simple enough, looking into the death of a teenage girl poisoned with a love potion.

Suicide, accident or something more sinister? Not easy to decide, when interviews with family members uncover romantic troubles amongst the various generations.

Then there's the woman who supplied the portion – Pandora, the local witch, who is clearly more than a simple purveyor of herbal beauty products.

Pandora has gangland links, and it's a good thing that Flavia, despite her wisecracking, persona, is it of cookie.


This is another hugely entertaining adventure for the grown-up daughter of Marcus Didius Falco, a series that's even better than the original books featuring Falco.

David Knights