Benidorm Live – Leeds Grand

WE WERE whisked off to sunny Spain with some of the regulars from the Benidorm TV series in this hugely entertaining show. The stage version has a little bit of everything with comedy play, drama and even musical numbers thrown into the mix.

Benidorm Live has some of the TV show’s favourite characters, but it was Liam and Jacqueline that had me crying with laughter at their antics. Liam (Adam Gillen) murdering Unforgettable was a highlight, but made even more surreal as Tim Healy (Lesley) was in the audience and gave his screen son a standing ovation.

Then there was Jacqueline (Janine Duvitski) with her delicious one-liners and out-and-out smut, that were delivered so innocently to bring the house down. She played part of a wonderful double act with the introduction of her friend and swinging partner Guy Derek, played by Damian Williams, who was very strong. His attempts to woo Kenneth were hilarious.

Also from the TV show were Sam (Shelley Longworth) with a stunning singing voice, and Sherrie Hewson as manager Joyce Temple-Savage, who was a little disappointing as she seemed to trip on a few of her lines, and times it felt as if she was going through the motions.

Benidorm Live is a fantastic night’s entertainment. Shows that cross over to the stage can be very successful – you don’t need to be an avid fan of the show but it helps with a lot of the in-jokes. The supporting cast are great and help move the show along at a quick pace, giving the feel that it all ends a little too soon, just as you’re are beginning to really enjoy it and wanting more.

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Dean Harness