ANOTHER dig into the Keighley News archives has unearthed a second set of pictures of bands from Keighley’s recent past.

Dawnwatcher, Teenage and the Wildlife, Single File, Lively Arts, Whipping Post and Paris Effect were all hugely popular at some point in and around the 1980s.

Dawnwatcher were the mighty heavy rockers that towered over the town’s music scene during the late 1970s.

With a large following across the North, they released the single Spellbound and Backlash and influenced a generation of Keighley acts.

As the 1980s dawned a new generation of musicians rose up, notably Teenage and the Wildlife whose members all continued in music over the following years.

Bassist Andy Stronach was the legendary “Tronk”, who with Teenage singer Dazz Robb founded The Big Bang, a band that boasted several line-ups over three decades.

The other two, Steve Riley and Dale Kitson, went on to form long-running pop-rock duo Lively Arts, Steve continuing into the 21st century with Exoteric.

Like Lively Arts, trio Single File were another popular pop-rock act on the Keighley circuit, building up a repertoire of more than 250 songs.

Present-day music-lovers will recognise Single File’s Roger Kirby and Lively Arts’ Dale Kitson, for they are two thirds of rock ‘n’ roll covers band Blue Suede Dudes.

A discussion of Keighley pop would be incomplete without mentioning Don Gaudiosi, who fronted a non-stop succession of bands playing the pub and club circuit through the 1980s and 1990s.

Starting out with Jam soundalikes Unit 3 – alongside U2 tribute band legend Frank Farkas – Don went on to front Suffering in Silence, Kick, Hush and – as pictured here – Paris Effect.

We finish our latest nostalgia fest with one of best-ever live bands and Keighley’s music history – Whipping Post, fronted by powerhouse vocalist Helen Forshaw.

If you have any pictures of bands from Keighley during the 70s, 80s or 90s, email them to with a few lines of information, and we could use them in a future article.