START this walk from Yorkshire Water’s large Swinsty Moor car park on North Lane above Fewston dam.

From the popular car park take a broad, firm path heading away to the right behind the WCs.

This runs through trees to soon reach a cross-paths.

Here take the thinner but still firm one slanting down to the left to quickly alight onto a rough access road just above Swinsty Reservoir.

Turn right to the end of the dam and cross the Swinsty Embankment with its great views down the valley.

At Swinsty Cottage follow the water company road out to a gateway at the end of Pinfold Lane.

En route you pass an ornate valve house.

From the gateway take a firm path on the left, running between the shore and Swinsty Woods to soon emerge onto a road.

Go left along the embankment with attractive Swinsty Lagoon on the right.

Immediately across, turn left beneath Stack Point car park, and another firm path makes an enjoyable walk along Swinsty’s eastern shore.

Part way on, a sign sends a path up through trees to Washburn Heritage Centre with tearoom within St Lawrence’s church grounds.

It is open weekends/Bank Holidays, April-October and Sundays/Bank Holidays, November to March.

The shoreline walk ends with a climb up the eastern end of Fewston Embankment, with a branch path slanting up through trees just a little earlier.

These merge at a gateway onto the road, with Fewston Cottage on the left.

Most of the reservoir is on view, largely surrounded by trees as is the glimpse of Swinsty Reservoir downstream.

Cross straight over the road and up a stepped path into trees. Turn left on a broad path at the top, running a short way through trees before a gentle drop to the shore.

This earns a massive open view, its wilder feel enhanced by a moorland skyline high above sheep pastures on the other bank.

This firm path leads unfailingly all the way along the northern shore beneath dense plantations.

Towards the head of the lake the path curves around beneath the now parallel A59, and emerges onto a roadside footway to turn the two minutes left over the River Washburn to Blubberhouses car park.

The return path begins at the near end of the car park.

This is largely a more pleasant walk, the first stage offering more open views both over the reservoir, and pastures on your right.

A sizeable arm on this side begins at a wooded knoll with little paths and seats.

The path makes a loop around to bridge inflowing Thackray Beck, and soon returns to the main body of the lake.

The last stage is a short one: with the dam approaching, a major fork at a little bay sees the right-hand path rise briefly through trees to emerge directly opposite the car park.

This walk can be found in Paul’s book Walking in Yorkshire – Harrogate & Ilkley (£5.99)