One Last Greek Summer – Mandy Baggot

Beth and Heidi flee their highly-paid but unsatisfying city jobs for a fortnight in the Corfu sun.

It’s worth taking these two thirtysomethings along if you’re planning to spend some time on a Mediterranean beach yourself.

Their romantic adventures after moving into a decaying beachside shack that perfect if you want something bouncy and undemanding to read.

Beth has just divorced the boss, posh and ever-so-slightly controlling Charles who swapped her for a younger model from the office floor.

Heidi reckons her best pal needs to blow away the cobwebs by reliving youthful days when she lived madly and went clubbing on the Greek island.

The problem is, the mad living involved a passionate but short-lived fling with islander Alex – and he’s the who turns up to mend their rundown shack

Alex juggles several dead-end jobs, avoiding his mother’s plans for his future, while helping cousin Elektra start a kumquat health drink business and himself working towards becoming a top DJ.

The pair gradually rekindle their romance while Heidi lusts after a Greek woman she’s seen on the beach.

The story meanders along for a while, but eventually picks up when Heidi tries to impress the woman with the first thing that comes into her head – from a conversation with Alex and Beth – and pretends she runs a kumquat health drink business.

Of course the woman is Elektra, who panics that she and Alex have a competitor, while Alex remains blissfully unaware of the connection.

After this the story trots along nicely, and gets even more fun when the Charles arrives from the UK determined to win back Beth.

So, nothing particularly startling in the plot, but is entertaining to read thanks to lively and likeable characters, a sunny writing style, an even sunnier setting, and a few chuckles along the way.

David Knights