ACTRESS Aimee Sinclair is on the cusp of superstardom when she returns home to find her husband has disappeared.

The police think she’s hiding something, they may even think she’s done him harm, and she certainly had a massive row with him the night before.

But that’s not the biggest secret in this novel, there are lots, and Aimee has a lot more to worry about than a missing spouse.

Someone knows something about Aimee’s past, and is piling on the pressure as Aimee is forced to relive events from her traumatic childhood.

There’s a reason she became an actress, why she learned to be so good at being someone else – for she IS someone else, ever since she was snatched from her parents’ home.

Feeney’s follow-up to Sometimes I Lie switches between Aimee’s upbringing and her present troubles, one a time of violence and the other a time of tension.

The result is a twisty, gripping thriller, beginning with the typical premise of a young couple living in the city, gradually becoming more and more dark and disturbing.

Everything does become a bit Gothic towards the end, melodrama taking over from suspense, but it works in the context of the story.

David Knights