AN art gallery has opened in Silsden to sell photography from around the world.

Most of the works on show at the Projeto Gallery in Kirkgate have so far only been for sale on the internet.

Many of the prints, from countries including China, Venezuela, India, Japan Italy and Germany, have never before been on sale in the UK.

But the aim of the gallery is to make a wider range of contemporary modern photography accessible to people in the Yorkshire region.

Owner Paula Baker-Parkin said: “Not one single piece of our work is exhibited anywhere else in the UK, and only two elsewhere in the world.

“I am very web-savvy, trained in art and a keen photographer and know where to look for fresh and exciting photographers on the internet.

"But that isn’t the case for most people and that’s why I’ve opened to such enthusiastic response.

“People nowadays want their art to match their home. I’ve sourced and priced the works to reflect that, with most pieces costing under £60.”

Projeto also sells jewellery by designers from the UK and abroad - including quirky pieces such as cufflinks made from Lego and brooches from recycled vinyl records.

Paula, 26, (27 in January) formed Projeto as a web design business in 2004 and now has clients in Australia, the US and Switzerland as well as the UK.

also runs a web design business.

She has plans to offer on-site training in design, photography and jewellery-making in the New Year to adults and children.

She said: “The philosophy of my gallery is that it’s not just a gallery.

"I want to create an art hub - a place where people come, see, do and experience."

Paula had previously studied Visual Communications at the Institute of Art and Design in Birmingham.

She managed branches of major retail outfits including the Mars pet hotel, My Pet Stop, and shoe chain Faith, and had run her own private tuition company, Reach Tuition, for children with learning disabilities.

She also exhibits her own photography. Projeto means “design” in Portuguese.

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