YOU only live once and sometimes a little indulgence is good for the soul in moderation, as Oscar Wilde once said.

This doughnut recipe is long overdue, and the fact is I have a slight fear of frying, especially around children in small kitchens.

So these jammy doughnuts had to be a baked version. They are still rich, sweet, fluffy, and an excellent and healthier substitute to the fried ones because they have a reduced fat content.

This must be a good thing and well worth the wait, putting that sugar craving at bay with doughnuts oozing with jam all over your fingers and chin when ready for eating.

For most people, doughnuts are something associated with childhood days, maybe from a family holiday at the seaside.

Or do you remember a fairground visit on gala day at the end of the procession, where the smell of freshly fried doughnuts wafted around Victoria Park bringing back happy memories of the Big Dipper rides, the Haunted House and not forgetting the Dodgem Cars?

They were a treat then that we savoured and looked forward to every year, unlike today where we can buy a big bag to eat as a snack on the go or for lunch.

Yes, a little indulgence is good for the soul, so if you do decide to ditch the baked version and jump on the full-fat band wagon, my recipe will work just as well when deep-fried.

I was dubious about the baked version at first, but as the first batch was baking they smell just as good when fried from my own bakery, minus the bonus of no frying mess to clean up afterwards.

Different toppings, flavours and fillings can be added, so always experiment and doughnut worry... be happy!

It’s certainly easy to keep a smile on a kid’s face with a doughnut in hand.

The doughnut has ample room to hold fillings and is best filled when cool.

There is a wide array of fillings to choose from, like the classic raspberry jam or custard, but really the sky’s the limit – ‘’kids try Nutella chocolate spread’’ – anything with a thick yet pipe-able consistency will work really well poked into a small hole.

The filling should be squeezed through a piping bag, then lightly brushed with butter before rolling into the caster sugar.

So how do you like your doughnuts? “We jammin’” as Bob Marley would say!

And finally, don’t forget to play the game with the kids when ready to eat, where you eat a doughnut without licking your lips!

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