LITTLE Tommy Tucker is the hero of this year’s pantomime from Oakworth Methodist Church.

The young chap gives his name to the family show which will be performed by a cast of children and teenagers during the February half-term holidays.

Villagers are as usual rushing to snap up tickets, with a huge pile sold on the first day of release and more than three-quarters of the seats gone a month before opening night.

At the time of writing only seven tickets were left for the matinee performances of the traditional-style panto.

The pantomime centres on the rivalry between two singing schools – Dame Ditty’s which has star pupil Melody and Dr Discord who has no pupils at all.

When the Duke of Sterling and his family arrive in town, the rivalry is brought into the open and it is suggested a singing contest be held at the local fair.

Dr Discord rigs the rules so that only a male singer is eligible and coerces his handyman Benny to sing after threatening to throw his mother out of her cottage.

Dame Ditty has no male singer until Tommy Tucker arrives on the scene and is discovered to have a wonderful voice.

Discord conspires with Mother Curseum to put a spell on Tommy, stealing his voice for Benny. But Harmony, Melody and their friends enlist the help of Professor Wizo to reverse the spell.

Panto producer and deviser David Howarth said audiences would be treated to a host of song and dance routines.

He said: “You’ll join in some marvellous comedy routines with the main characters, laugh until you cry at some of the things they get up to and boo yourselves hoarse when Discord and Mother Curseum are around!

“The costumes, scenery and special effects are as wonderful as ever - including our acclaimed ultraviolet scene in Quaverley Museum. The working steam train and merry-go-round are also back by popular demand!

“So enjoy the excitement and laughter as you are carried along in yet another rollicking, fun-packed, spectacular adventure.”

Little Tommy Tucker is directed and choreographed by Judith Chapman, with costumes by Janet Armstrong MBE.

The show is performed at 7pm every day from February 10to 17 except the Sunday and Thursday. There are 2pm matinees on both Saturdays.

Visit or call Peter Howarth on 07968 618312 to book tickets.