KALEIDOSCOPE are heading back to the 1920s for their latest musical production featuring almost 50 local children.

The Bingley youth theatre are performing Sally Edwards’s adaptation of the 1902 novel Brewster’s Millions with new songs by Katy Gaul.

Brewster’s Millions will be staged in Bingley Arts Centre from Thursday to Saturday, March 22 to 24.

The story revolves around Montgomery Brewster, a young man who inherits a million pounds from his rich grandfather, but is presented with a challenge by his newly-dead and even-richer grandmother.

Monty will inherit 10 times as much, so long as he spends the one million left by his grandfather before his next birthday. If he fails, he will remain penniless.

Complications abound during the three performances of the show at Bingley Arts Centre between Thursday and Saturday, March 22 to 24.

Sally said the novel had been adapted to the stage of cinema many times, most famously in 1985 starring Richard Pryor,

She said: “This year our youth cast needed something light and frivolous with a touch of glamour – hence our choice of the 1920s as our setting. Brewster’s Millions meant we could provide all our talented cast with a named role as well as having large chorus scenes and a few songs.”

Call 01274 567983 or visit bingleylittletheatre.co.uk to book tickets for the three performances of Brewster’s Millions.