Grease – Keighley Amateurs

GREASE is the word at Victoria Hall this week as Keighley Amateurs present the musical – and the word for it is fantastic.

I really enjoyed the opening night and although it deserves a rave review it’s pointless as the show is a much-deserved sell-out.

Director Kevin Moore should be very proud of his young cast as every one of them gave their all to deliver a well-polished and very professional performance.

There is a lot of talent in and around the Keighley area and it was so nice to see such a young cast on stage when the amateur dramatics scene is maybe not the most appealing to youngsters during teenage years.

Grease did have a feel of a school edition version but only because of the young cast, and this in no way detracted from the performance.

Grease is an ensemble piece and at times all the principals are given a chance to shine.

Paul Matthews (Danny) and Shelley Lofthouse (Sandy) were a strong and dependable leading couple and sang well, especially in the solos Sandy and Hopelessly Devoted.

The T Birds did an admirable job as Danny's crew although it was Kenickie (Nathan Lawton) who nailed his character and Doody (Reece Raymond) singing Those Magic Changes that stood out.

We then come onto the Pink Ladies which as a reviewer I was worried about as I know a couple of them personally but after watching them perform my worries, were completely dismissed the girls were amazing.

They all captured the characterisations of the film actors to perfection, Fiona Spencer (Rizzo) had all the sass but also the vulnerability to allow us to warm to her, Marty (Georgia Wowk) was perfectly cast as the sultry one of the group, Frenchy (Leanne Watson) as the ditzy one was charming throughout.

Last of the Pink Ladies and by no means least was Jan (Leah Ogrizovic) who was the audience’s favourite judging by the ovation she received at the end, but this was well-deserved as her comic timing and facial expression made you grow to love her.

The backstage team did an amazing job with the numerous changes which were done without disrupting the flow.

The first half did drag a little but the second half picked up the pace and with Mark Hutchinson (Teen Angel) going down a complete storm with Beauty School Dropout meant that this reviewer and the full audience were left wanting more.

Laura Harness