Ghost – Leeds Grand

IN THE hit 1980s film, young widow Molly struggles to believe that her murdered husband Sam has remained on Earth to help her.

And in parts of this musical version you might also struggle to believe the onstage actor is a spirit due to theatrical effects that don’t entirely work.

But, the odd technical misfire aside, this is a hugely enjoyable adaptation of the Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg classic.

The story works very well as a musical, songs heightening the emotion and fitting snugly alongside comedy and thrills recreated from the original movie.

The show certainly knows how to open your tear ducts – from the opening scenes when we see how much in love the couple are, through Molly’s realisation Sam is still around, to their painful but uplifting final parting.

Most of the ghost effects work well – hands through doors, floating objects and actors careering around the stage – and they are essential to the show’s success.

It’s only towards the end of the second act when the effects aren’t so special and the finale threatens to tip over over into melodrama. That said, lovers of the film will certainly enjoy this show.

The principals are great singers and terrific in their parts -- Kelly Hampson very believable in all shades of the grieving Molly, Andy Moss likeable (and not a bit like Patrick Swayze) as Sam, Jacqui Dubois fabulous as clairvoyant Oda Mae, and Sam Ferriday suitably oily as villain Carl.

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