If you're expecting a murder mystery at the Grand this week you're going to be disappointed.

What you get is a 100mph farce that is relentless and never gives up, even before the show starts. 

The Play That Goes Wrong is just that – and how wrong a play can go is mind-boggling.

With collapsing sets, explosions and numerous cast changes, this play will have you laughing from start to finish.

The set’s construction is so clever, enabling the actors to continue with the play while all around them is in chaos. 

The ability and comic timing of each performer ensures that you believe the things going wrong are only happening on that night. 

The cast are fantastic and work well in this ensemble piece.

I really liked Robert (Edward Judge) and Max (Alastair Kirton) whose facial expressions won us over right from the off; a nice cameo from Trevor (Graeme Rooney); and the girl fight between Annie (Katie Bernstein) and Sandra (Meg Mortell) , which had the audience in hysterical laughter.

Dennis’s (Edward Howells) mis-pronunciation had me in stitches with his deadpan delivery, and Chris (Patrick Warner) was likable although a little too Basil Fawlty for my liking. 

Special praise has to go to Jonathan (Jason Callender) who throughout the first half is only a corpse, but what a corpse!

I've enjoyed many a farce and this has to be up there with the best ones. I've seen musicals get standing ovations mainly due to the finale song, but for a play to receive one shows how much the packed theatre enjoyed the show.

Laura Harness
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