Mamma Mia! – Leeds Grand

MAMMA Mia turned the ABBA songbook into a mega-hit stage musical and an even more mega-hit movie.

I enjoyed the film but thought it lacked a certain something, and I reckoned that for maximum enjoyment this frothy concoction needed to be experienced live.

And yes, it’s clear the theatre is the true home for a show that’s high on energy, tunes and sheer joy, but about as deep as a sun-kissed Mediterranean rockpool.

Sophie was brought up by single mother Donna at a Greek taverna, but now she’s getting married and wants her father to give her away.

The trouble is, Donna slept with three men and doesn’t know which one fathered Sophie – so the 20-year-old invites all three without mum’s knowledge.

Cue family drama to rival a TV soap –without the violence and murder – built around the lyrics and melodies of some of the greatest pop songs ever.

The result is sheer bliss, in a fast-moving show packed with wit, imagination, physicality and hilarity. The slower songs of the second act highlight the show’s superficiality, but no matter when they say feelgood wedding and high-heeled finale to send us away grinning.

• Until July 8. Visit or call 08448482700 to book tickets.

• David Knights