AFTER reading Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl as a child I wasn't sure how they could stage such a story, especially depicting the foxholes and tunnels to the farms, but I felt I'd been taken back to my childhood whilst watching the show.

The scene changes were effortlessly done and very cleverly worked out: you really felt you were down the hole with them.

From start to finish the cast gave their all, I loved the use of the cast, with three characters starting off as birds then sitting on the stage and playing in the band.

This was a treat to listen to, and to watch watch the facial expressions.

The actors playing the three farmers Bean, Boggis and Bounce, worked hard transforming from people to animals (Rat, Badger and Mole) without a delay.

Mr Fox, Mrs Fox and Kit were outstanding and never stopped, giving it their all while on stage.

Rabbit and Mouse were perfectly played and had the audience laughing out loud.

Both myself and my daughter` were left wanting more as we were enjoying the show that much – it was very funny for both an adult and child’s sense of humour.

Laura Harness