The Addams Family -- Alhambra Theatre

THEY’RE spooky and kooky and altogether ooky – and on stage at the Alhambra they’re also singing and dancing.

The infamous American family invite us into their haunted mansion for a night of laughs, chills and a surprising amount of emotion in this musical.

The characters are immediately recognisable: suave Gomez, sinister wife Morticia, brooding daughter Wednesday, sado-masochistic brother Pugsley, nutty Uncle Fester, even nuttier Grandma, and grunting bottler Lurch.

Like the comic strip where they began life, and the TV show and films, the stage version provides plenty of witty one-liners subverting typical American domestic life.

But for a two-hour musical there has to be a story too, and this is the age-old one where the teenager brings her fiancee and his family to dinner.

Exploring the Addams’s family relationships works well, bringing warmth to the crypt-cold setting and inspiring some of the best moments.

But few of the songs are particularly memorable, the first act is too long, and like a lot of musicals the second act doesn’t really take story much further.

As a night of entertainment The Addams Family certainly doesn’t deserve a stake through its heart, but neither is it likely to stir the blood.

That said, the majority of the audience clearly loved the show and gave it rapturous applause during the opening night this week.

• Until Saturday. Visit or call 01274 432000 to book tickets.

David Knights