La Cage Aux Folles – Bradford Alhambra

I WAS not quite sure what to expect from this stage musical as I had previously only known the story from the film Birdcage starring Robin Williams.

What I got was a truly amazing theatrical experience that not only wowed but also moved me, and I came away having thoroughly enjoyed my evening.

He may have lost some of his fans due to his appearance on Celebrity Big Brother but John Partridge, formerly of EastEnders, was out of this world as the flamboyant Albin.

It would appear John was made for this part. I enjoyed him as Billy Flynn in Chicago earlier this year but this time he went to a whole new level that would be very difficult for anyone else to reach in this role.

The male dancing team were fantastic, although I only think they were male, as they had this reviewer well and truly fooled throughout their performances.

Adrian Zmed, from 80s TV series TJ Hooker and movie musical Grease 2, was likeable and warming as Georges, Albin’s partner, although at times he was outshone due to the powerful performance from John Partridge.

A particular highlight on the songs front, of which there weren’t that many, was Albin’s rendition of I Am What I Am which pulled on my heart strings, and the hugely entertaining The Best Of Times during which John’s bright light was only temporary dipped by showbiz royalty Marti Webb.

The supporting cast did an admirable job in moving this show at a fabulous pace, the costumes were a delight, and Oliver Proudlock-John was a very funny addition as Jacob.

Definitely a show to recommend.

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Dean Harness