Vegetation can be as beautiful as flowers.

Keighley Art Club’s John Wyeth brought photographs of flowers as material.

The majority of us need reference matter. You are never far from a flower, fungus, tree, leaf, or an ear of grass, which can inspire. Wildflowers should not be picked.

A tip is to hold the paper upside down and paint the other side with your favourite painting hand, to avoid awkward angles. Don’t allow the flowers to ‘float’ in mid-air.

There is always shadow, within and below the scene. The third tip is it is better to have an odd number, such as three or five to balance out.

There is no right or wrong way in art. Mistakes do happen. Self-expression is an important point.

We are the club who used to exhibit at Cliffe Castle, jointly with Bingley Art Club, most years, and many people used to enjoy inspecting our pictures.

We now rotate our exhibitions at the reopened cafes in the Keighley Civic Centre and Keighley Picture House.

You can paint in silence at home. At the club, we have times of silence, but also some jovial banter, and questions or feedback can be asked for.

We have all developed over time, and our programme challenges have helped in the creative atmosphere. We can have bad and good weeks – no one minds.

You only start learning when you broaden your horizons and talk to others who face the same challenge as yourself. Finding your most suitable medium is a personal choice, but often the basic rules are the same. Everyone has a different style.

If you need guidance, try the ‘work along’ with Tony Pratt on November 20, when he will explain what is happening and wait for us before continuing. We all need to learn.

On January 22, Lorraine Green will provide Still Life, and I will provide photographs for Celebrities on January 29.

Bruce Mulcahy, a well-known artist, will encourage visitors to join in with gouache on December 5.

Geoff Mitchell will lead a ‘work along’ on February 12, there will be musical instruments with Pat Konrad on February 19. Bryan Miller will lead a watercolour ‘work along’ on February 26..

You will enjoy it. Call 01535 669914 for further information.