Keighley Picture House as far as I know is the only independent cinema to give part of its space to the community free of charge.

The manager Bob James has given the space to Keighley Art Club. He saw our paintings in Keighley Civic Centre six months ago and that gave him an idea.

He rang me as he was focusing on clearing out a neglected room, eyeing new sofas, repairing the lighting and hanging our art works, to create a better experience for his customers.

Keighley Art Club’s exhibition has now been prepared for him. We plan a regular upgrade so that people don’t grow tired of the same display. Bob told me that visitors to the cinema enjoyed remarking on the 25 items we have supplied.

We hope that the works attract interactive conversations, enjoyment, interest, observation, and possibly people taking up art in the future. If we are able to contribute to that in some way, we have been both creative and encourage comments from his audience.

Bob also said that everyone is welcome at any time, not just when going to see a film, such as if they are out shopping, walking or just need a coffee, a nosey or a sit down.

An open evening will be held at the cinema in North Street on April 15, with light refreshments when you can see the new area and look at the paintings.

Bob and our art group would love feedback and suggestions on the paintings and presentation of the room.

Bob is a jovial man and he and his staff are very helpful. If you have any ideas for future exhibitions in the space we would like to know, and we’ll try to oblige.

Our next project is for the Civic Centre and the Tour de France. Dan the catering manager has asked for items on Keighley, or cycling for the bar upstairs, with an official opening around May 18. Long Lee, Thwaites Brow and Riddlesden art groups may also help out.

Keighley Art Club’s next events are Frank O’Dwyer on April 9, Tony Pratt’s work-along on April 16, John Wyeth with exotic birds on April 30, and a colour mixing group activity on May 7. Call 01535 669914 evenings if you would like to attend or just call in to our meetings at Keighley Healthy Living, Scott Street, on Wednesdays from 6.45pm to 8.45pm.