Primary Schools (Key Stage 2) in Keighley

Compare all primary schools within 25 miles of Keighley on this page. Click an individual school for more detailed information about its results and a link to its Ofsted reports. You can also rank schools according to results of your choice by clicking the headings at the top of the table.

The tables below show achievement for pupils aged 11 and progress pupils have made between ages 7 and 11.

Key Stage 2 Achievement 2014

School Pupils Level 4 achievement Level 5 achievement Points score
Abbey Park Junior, Infant and Nursery046%0%25.2
Aberford C of E Primary10093%43%30.8
Accrington Benjamin Hargreaves C of E Primary16265%13%27.7
Accrington Huncoat Primary21780%25%28.5
Accrington Hyndburn Park Primary47875%15%27.3
Accrington Peel Park Primary60193%33%30.7
Accrington Spring Hill Community Primary38678%5%27.2
Accrington St John with St Augustine C of E Primary16952%0%24.7
Accrington St Mary Magdalen's C of E Primary20079%21%29.4
Accrington Woodnook Primary22852%3%26.0
Ackton Pastures Primary32072%14%27.6
Addingham Primary21286%32%30.2
Adel Primary25687%53%31.5
Adel St John the Baptist C of E Primary19993%30%30.5
Airedale Junior38172%12%27.4
Alexandra Park Junior33260%11%26.4
Alice Ingham RC Primary16563%0%26.3
Alkrington Primary42190%31%30.3
All Saint's Richmond Hill C of E Primary27383%30%28.9
All Saints C of E Primary24893%30%30.6
All Saints C of E Primary, Stand24797%42%31.1
All Saints C of E Primary59772%5%27.2
All Saints Featherstone C of E (VA) Junior Infant and Nursery20181%12%28.4
All Saints' C of E Primary31784%34%29.8
All Saints' C of E VA Junior and Infant21190%37%30.7
All Saints, Church of England92100%64%31.9
All Souls C of E Primary25096%36%31.0
Allerton Bywater Primary27472%14%27.9
Allerton C of E Primary39782%23%28.8
Allerton Primary47787%28%29.8
Almondbury Community322
Almondbury Junior26074%15%28.2
Alt Primary31059%0%25.3
Alt PrimaryNEW
Altham St James C of E Primary4975%13%27.2
Alverthorpe St Paul's C of E (VA) 3-11yrs28183%39%29.9
Alwoodley Primary49791%40%30.7
Appleton Academy117075%19%28.5
Arlies Primary24882%32%29.1
Armley Primary20477%15%27.8
Ash Green Community Primary46181%25%28.4
Ashfield Primary21383%33%29.4
Ashfield Valley Primary24193%19%29.3
Ashlands Primary44096%40%31.2
Ashleigh Primary23579%27%29.1
Askwith Community Primary112100%13%30.0
Asquith Primary29681%19%27.6
Athersley North Primary31384%23%28.5
Atlas Community Primary23869%10%27.8
Audley Junior41371%10%27.2
Austhorpe Primary21077%30%29.2
Austwick C of E VA Primary5383%17%27.3
Avondale Primary40972%12%28.1
Bacup Holy Trinity Stacksteads C of E Primary31289%22%28.7
Bacup St Saviour's Community Primary9583%25%29.3
Bacup Thorn Primary24379%3%28.3
Baildon C of E Primary45992%34%30.0
Bailiffe Bridge Junior and Infant19986%32%30.8
Bamford Academy30781%30%29.7
Bankfoot Primary34193%14%28.9
Bankside Primary71860%2%26.0
Barden Primary41476%9%26.8
Bardsey Primary17693%33%30.5
Bare Trees Primary56780%25%28.7
Barkerend Primary49457%7%26.2
Barkisland C of E VA Primary17795%25%29.9
Barnoldswick C of E Controlled Primary21880%13%28.6
Barrow Primary129100%79%33.8
Barrowford St Thomas C of E Primary119100%65%32.2
Barugh Green Primary31793%43%30.5
Barwick-in-Elmet C of E Primary16364%14%28.4
Batley Grammar70172%48%30.7
Batley Parish C of E Junior Infant and Nursery27090%34%30.4
Battyeford C of E (VC) Primary47373%20%28.2
Baxenden St John's C of E Primary19690%37%30.3
Beal Vale Primary19185%11%28.3
Beckwithshaw Community Primary63100%43%30.9
Beech Early Years Infant and Junior18769%8%29.0
Beech Hill Junior and Infant59481%15%28.5
Beechwood Primary43791%25%29.4
Beecroft Primary28294%42%31.0
Beeston Hill St Luke's C of E Primary39695%39%30.5
Beeston Primary59372%9%27.0
Beever Primary24479%14%27.6
Belfield Community33978%6%28.1
Ben Rhydding Primary21893%37%31.2
Birchfield Primary24192%35%30.6
Birkby Junior41771%8%26.8
Birstall Primary Academy16888%13%28.9
Birstwith C of E Primary8093%57%32.0
Bishop Monkton C of E Primary102SUPPSUPPSUPP
Bishop Thornton C of E Primary22SUPPSUPPSUPP
Blackburn St Thomas' C of E Primary46779%21%28.4
Blackburn the Redeemer C of E Primary41398%41%31.3
Blackgates Primary40082%28%29.1
Blacko Primary98100%30%30.9
Blackshaw Lane Primary & Nursery22097%17%28.9
Blakehill Primary41982%20%29.0
Blenheim Primary34283%17%29.3
Boarshaw Community Primary23783%17%28.8
Bolton Brow Primary Academy24280%13%28.2
Bolton by Bowland C of E Primary3667%0%26.8
Boothroyd Junior and Infant46843%7%25.4
Bowlee Park Community Primary58992%38%30.2
Bowling Green Primary15595%32%30.7
Bowling Park Primary71957%10%26.2
Bracken Edge Primary40454%9%25.2
Brackenhill Primary41083%20%28.4
Bradford Academy1666
Bradford Girls' Grammar77061%22%28.3
Bradford Moor Community Primary069%15%27.1
Bradley Primary39479%23%28.5
Bradleys Both Community Primary13682%41%30.5
Bramham Primary8363%25%28.1
Bramhope Primary28395%49%31.5
Bramley Primary26871%18%28.1
Bramley St Peter's C of E Primary29157%0%25.0
Briercliffe Primary30064%17%27.3
Brimrod Community Primary24468%8%27.8
Britannia Community Primary20871%25%28.4
Broadfield Community Primary40667%6%26.3
Broadfield Primary37091%20%29.2
Broadgate Primary25361%13%26.9
Broadoak Primary32277%10%28.0
Brockholes C of E Junior and Infant19184%12%30.1
Brodetsky Primary27291%27%30.3
Brookhouse Primary21087%33%30.3
Broomfield South SILC1560%0%12.2
Brownhill St Saviour's C of E Junior23972%10%27.1
Brudenell Primary26867%11%27.3
Buckstones Junior and Infant20879%34%29.0
Buckton Vale Primary25892%19%29.4
Burley and Woodhead C of E Primary21591%44%31.3
Burley Oaks Primary40494%55%31.2
Burley St Matthias C of E Primary16677%23%27.8
Burnley Brow Community48295%11%29.3
Burnley Brunshaw Primary46987%17%28.5
Burnley Casterton Primary27770%15%27.6
Burnley Heasandford Primary61072%8%26.9
Burnley Holy Trinity C of E Primary18364%18%27.1
Burnley Ightenhill Primary28166%10%27.5
Burnley Lowerhouse Junior1640%0%NA
Burnley Road Academy25783%10%28.8
Burnley Springfield Community Primary17455%15%26.4
Burnley St James' Lanehead C of E Primary26987%32%29.1
Burnley St Peter's C of E Primary17582%24%28.5
Burnley St Stephen's C of E Primary19986%21%29.2
Burnley Stoneyholme Community Primary40473%34%28.5
Burnsall Primary34SUPPSUPPSUPP
Burnt Yates C of E (Endowed)Primary4171%14%28.3
Burton Leonard C of E Primary65100%38%30.0
Bury and Whitefield Jewish Primary13086%29%29.9
Byron Primary69963%7%26.1
Bywell C of E Junior36193%27%30.2
Caldershaw Primary20593%17%29.9
Calverley C of E Primary31487%33%30.6
Calverley Parkside Primary25260%20%26.9
Camberwell Park Specialist Support890%0%12.6
Canon Burrows C of E Primary470100%58%31.8
Carleton Endowed C of E Primary13895%37%30.9
Carlinghow Princess Royal Junior Infant and Nursery34559%3%26.0
Carlton Junior and Infant21766%6%26.2
Carlton Primary33971%10%27.7
Carr Green Primary36784%31%29.7
Carr Manor Community, Specialist Sports College952
Carr Manor Primary49482%28%29.3
Carrwood Primary35179%7%27.2
Castle Hill Primary28962%19%27.5
Castle Hill: A Specialist College for Communication and Interaction1080%0%12.0
Castleford Half Acres Primary25272%3%28.4
Castleford Park Junior Academy33067%13%27.2
Castleford Redhill Junior17068%4%27.9
Castleford Three Lane Ends Community Primary37874%21%28.0
Castleton Primary27076%3%28.5
Castleton Primary24485%12%28.0
Cavendish Primary47576%7%27.0
Cawthorne C of E Primary14591%27%29.9
Cedars Primary55966%12%27.2
Chantlers Primary24694%29%30.0
Chapel Allerton Primary45581%19%28.5
Charlestown Community Primary35072%8%27.1
Chatburn C of E Primary11489%11%30.0
Chellow Heights Special1300%0%12.0
Cherry Fold Community Primary31564%4%26.6
Chesham Primary32091%33%30.2
Chickenley Community Junior Infant and Nursery30645%6%25.0
Christ Church Ainsworth C of E Primary28189%20%29.0
Christ Church CE Academy24180%30%28.4
Christ Church C of E Primary15186%18%29.3
Christ Church C of E (Aided) Primary27889%26%29.4
Christ Church C of E Primary27780%25%29.4
Christ Church C of E Primary61SUPPSUPPSUPP
Christ Church C of E VA Junior, Sowerby Bridge12375%25%27.6
Christ Church Pellon C of E VC Primary18965%8%26.3
Christ Church Upper Armley C of E Primary18388%25%29.0
Christ The King Catholic Primary18991%32%29.7
Christ The King RC Primary, Burnley20473%19%28.3
Church, St Nicholas C of E Primary20255%21%26.4
Churwell Primary46988%29%29.8
Clapgate Primary36280%3%27.2
Clarksfield Primary47374%7%27.1
Clayton C of E Primary48767%14%27.8
Clayton Village Primary20773%10%27.9
Clayton-le-Moors Mount Pleasant Primary38284%22%29.6
Cliffe Hill Community Primary19381%5%26.4
Clitheroe Brookside Primary18485%21%29.0
Clitheroe Pendle Primary33390%45%30.7
Clough Head Junior and Infant81100%14%29.1
Coates Lane Primary20583%13%28.7
Cobden Primary22970%5%27.3
Colden Junior and Infant11894%44%31.7
Collingham Lady Elizabeth Hastings' C of E Primary20890%47%30.7
Colne Christ Church C of E Primary18484%20%29.6
Colne Lord Street29671%23%27.6
Colne Primet Primary16481%27%29.5
Colton Primary25686%39%30.2
Cononley Community Primary11994%22%29.3
Cookridge Holy Trinity C of E Primary40588%23%29.2
Cookridge Primary30967%14%27.5
Copley Primary231100%46%31.8
Copthorne Primary51192%27%29.5
Cornholme Junior, Infant and Nursery22774%33%28.8
Corpus Christi RC Primary30897%33%31.3
Cottingley Village Primary46295%20%29.7
Cowlersley Primary24354%19%26.9
Cowling Community Primary11076%12%28.0
Cracoe and Rylstone C of E Primary4692%33%29.9
Cragg Vale Junior and Infant6575%13%28.5
Crawshawbooth Primary31172%23%28.8
Crigglestone Dane Royd Junior and Infant33087%40%30.1
Crigglestone Mackie Hill Junior and Infant18387%13%27.6
Crofton Junior21679%28%29.0
Crompton Primary23590%30%30.6
Crosland Moor Junior45169%13%27.4
Cross Gates Primary22784%12%28.7
Cross Lane Primary and Nursery31867%26%28.1
Crossflatts Primary46374%28%28.0
Crossgates Primary27492%33%30.0
Crosslee Community Primary31673%13%27.6
Crossley Fields Junior and Infant61390%35%30.1
Crossley Hall Primary59671%25%28.5
Crossley Street Primary25090%35%30.2
Crow Lane Primary and Foundation Stage26275%7%28.0
Crowlees C of E Junior and Infant42395%54%31.3
Cullingworth Village Primary21397%34%30.2
Dacre Braithwaite C of E Primary7780%10%29.4
Daisyfield Primary32978%15%27.7
Dalton J I & N52169%21%27.4
Darley Community Primary7393%29%29.4
Darton Primary31981%16%28.1
Darwen St Barnabas C of E Primary17594%33%30.3
Darwen St James' C of E Primary17263%5%25.7
Darwen St Peter's C of E Primary27869%23%27.8
Dean Field Community Primary22285%15%27.9
Deeplish Community Primary38551%4%25.0
Deighton Gates Primary21378%34%29.0
Delius Special1010%0%12.0
Delph Primary19986%36%30.2
Denholme Primary22377%18%26.3
Dixons Allerton Academy1438
Dixons Marchbank PrimaryNEW
Dixons Music Primary90
Drighlington Primary44271%22%28.1
E-ACT Blackley Academy38381%16%28.1
Earby Springfield Primary13693%14%29.8
East Ardsley Primary40582%22%28.5
East Bierley C of E First21475%16%27.0
East Crompton St George's CofE15570%15%27.7
East Crompton St James C of E Primary21093%33%30.3
East Garforth Primary Academy32870%18%27.5
East Morton C of E Primary21383%20%29.2
East Ward Community Primary36180%15%28.8
Eastborough Junior Infant and Nursery21576%18%27.5
Eastburn Junior and Infant19293%32%30.6
Eastwood Primary47780%9%27.7
Ebor Gardens Primary40437%9%25.5
Edenfield C of E Primary15381%24%28.1
Edisford Primary22894%39%30.1
Eldwick Primary47187%35%30.2
Elland C of E Junior and Infant20579%14%28.6
Elm Wood Primary43173%13%27.5
Elton Community Primary26983%26%29.8
Elton Community PrimaryNEW
Embsay C of E Primary20897%48%31.2
Emmanuel Holcombe C of E Primary9591%9%29.6
English Martyrs Catholic Primary25867%13%26.9
Fagley Primary26068%11%26.5
Fairfield Community Primary27370%19%27.3
Farfield Primary and Nursery45372%7%27.4
Farnham Primary50484%31%29.1
Farnley C of E Primary4743%0%23.8
Farsley Farfield Primary43481%9%28.2
Farsley Springbank Primary235100%19%30.2
Fearnville Primary41144%2%25.4
Featherstone North Featherstone Junior and Infant31585%29%29.3
Featherstone Purston St Thomas C of E Junior21565%9%27.4
Ferney Lee Primary21670%13%27.3
Field Lane Junior Infant and Nursery23092%25%29.1
Field Lane Primary13676%10%28.2
Fieldhead Carr Primary23379%25%28.8
Fieldhead Primary Academy21269%8%26.7
Fir Bank Primary20887%20%29.0
Five Lanes Primary48185%18%28.7
Fixby Junior and Infant30489%22%28.9
Follifoot C of E Primary52SUPPSUPPSUPP
Foulridge Saint Michael and All Angels C of E Primary19987%30%29.6
Fountain Primary43770%25%28.7
Fountains C of E Primary8685%62%30.5
Fountains Earth, Lofthouse C of E Endowed Primary33SUPPSUPPSUPP
Foxhill Primary23189%43%31.2
Freehold Community Junior Infant and Nursery44384%23%28.5
Friezland Primary10887%27%29.5
Frizinghall Primary45180%15%28.3
Gargrave C of E Primary9980%27%30.1
Giggleswick Primary62SUPPSUPPSUPP
Gildersome Primary32786%14%28.3
Girlington Primary49175%10%27.5
Gisburn Primary99100%55%32.5
Gisburn Road Community Primary24257%4%25.4
Glasshouses Community Primary7380%40%28.4
Gledhow Primary50088%30%30.1
Glenaire Primary23869%0%26.6
Glusburn Community Primary30562%29%27.6
Golcar Junior Infant and Nursery45877%13%28.4
Goldsborough C of E Primary78100%36%31.0
Gomersal Primary40874%15%28.4
Gomersal St Mary's C of E First and Nursery23870%17%27.5
Grange Farm Primary43672%14%27.0
Grange Moor Primary10338%15%25.5
Grassington C of E Primary6250%17%27.8
Great Harwood Primary23266%19%27.7
Great Harwood St Bartholomew's Parish C of E Primary21983%29%29.2
Great Harwood St John's C of E Primary13395%15%28.7
Great Marsden St John's C of E Primary17547%0%23.8
Great Preston VC C of E Primary20871%16%28.1
Green Haworth C of E Primary8378%44%31.2
Green Lane Primary Academy39783%25%29.1
Green Lane Primary68167%11%26.7
Greenacres Junior Infant and Nursery23556%7%25.9
Greenbank Primary42871%14%27.3
Greenfield Primary18695%40%31.4
Greenfield St Mary's CofE21083%17%28.8
Greengates Primary25474%11%28.1
Greenhill Primary24777%11%29.4
Greenhill Primary41757%4%26.3
Greenhill Primary49389%23%28.6
Greenmount Primary45574%9%27.4
Greenmount Primary24670%9%30.3
Greenside Primary31478%24%28.7
Grewelthorpe C of E Primary6788%63%33.0
Griffin Park Primary23269%24%27.7
Grimes Dyke Primary24485%26%29.0
Grindleton C of E Primary40100%29%29.6
Grove House Primary46571%7%28.0
Guardian Angels RC Primary, Bury242100%50%30.9
Hade Edge Junior and Infant7475%0%27.6
Halifax High at Wellesley Park841
Hamer Community Primary31467%28%28.5
Hampsthwaite C of E Primary11992%31%31.3
Hanging Heaton C of E Junior and Infant13490%43%30.6
Hapton Church of England/Methodist Primary11893%13%28.9
Harden Primary21082%11%29.3
Hardy Mill Primary30589%30%29.7
Harehills Primary72273%6%27.2
Harewood C of E Primary10594%56%32.0
Harrogate, Bilton Grange Community Primary31385%24%29.5
Harrogate, Coppice Valley Community Primary18067%24%28.4
Harrogate, Grove Road Community Primary31669%10%27.0
Harrogate, New Park Community Primary12967%8%27.1
Harrogate, St Peter's C of E Primary28583%25%29.9
Hartshead Junior and Infant8990%20%30.2
Harwood Park Primary27768%0%26.2
Haslingden Broadway Primary21090%17%29.5
Haslingden Primary40186%21%29.8
Haslingden St James C of E Primary16374%22%27.5
Hawksworth C of E Primary94100%58%31.9
Hawksworth Wood Primary20988%19%28.6
Haworth Primary24886%14%28.8
Hazlehurst Community Primary20890%31%30.4
Headfield C of E Junior58281%20%29.0
Headlands C of E Junior, Infant and Nursery42684%35%29.9
Healey Foundation Primary21582%26%28.0
Healey Junior Infant and Nursery39075%17%27.9
Heap Bridge Village Primary15694%38%30.6
Heaton Avenue Primary35879%47%30.3
Heaton Primary73965%8%26.1
Heaton St Barnabas' C of E Aided Primary39174%14%27.5
Hebden Royd C of E VA Primary14789%53%30.6
Heckmondwike Primary47277%13%28.8
Hellifield Community Primary6571%14%27.4
Helme C of E Junior and Infant14585%35%31.1
Helmshore Primary39292%20%29.6
Hendal Primary30689%11%28.3
Heptonstall Junior Infant and Nursery11293%40%31.0
Hepworth Junior and Infant10383%25%29.1
Hey-with-Zion Primary28787%32%31.0
Heybrook Primary55667%17%28.4
High Bank Junior Infant and Nursery13860%20%28.8
High Crags Primary44864%3%26.5
High Park950%0%12.0
Higham St John's C of E Primary14481%29%30.1
Higher Failsworth Primary42972%21%28.0
Highfield Primary39282%43%30.1
Hightown Junior Infant & Nursery22983%8%28.0
Hill Top C of E Primary256100%46%31.1
Hill Top Primary24978%43%30.8
Hillcrest AcademyNEW
Hillcrest Primary045%8%24.0
Hillside Primary32866%15%27.2
Hinchliffe Mill Junior and Infant11092%46%30.6
Hoddlesden St Paul's C of E Primary182NANANA
Hodge Clough Primary39287%17%28.2
Holcombe Brook Primary23481%14%28.7
Holden Clough Community Primary23990%55%31.6
Hollin Primary26090%21%29.0
Hollingwood Primary48078%15%27.8
Hollins Grundy Primary20686%32%29.4
Holly Grove680%0%12.8
Holly Mount RC Primary, Bury31294%34%30.2
Hollybush Primary44543%4%25.2
Holme Junior and Infant3383%67%31.3
Holmfirth Junior Infant and Nursery23988%38%30.4
Holy Cross C of E Primary46384%19%28.7
Holy Family Catholic Primary22280%20%28.9
Holy Family RC Primary210NANANA
Holy Family RC Primary, Rochdale22987%10%28.3
Holy Name Catholic Primary20868%19%28.1
Holy Rosary and St Anne's Catholic Primary24086%4%27.9
Holy Rosary RC Junior Infant and Nursery23279%18%29.4
Holy Saviour RC Primary, Nelson19770%5%27.6
Holy Souls RC Primary Blackburn20987%29%29.1
Holy Spirit Catholic Primary21794%42%31.3
Holy Trinity C of E Primary197100%42%31.6
Holy Trinity C of E Dobcross Primary19688%67%31.9
Holy Trinity C of E Junior25673%21%28.8
Holy Trinity Primary21777%0%26.9
Holy Trinity RC Primary, Brierfield10593%36%29.9
Holy Trinity VC26883%20%28.8
Holybrook Primary23738%4%25.1
Holycroft Primary43070%14%26.7
Holywell Green Primary22888%54%30.8
Home Farm Primary46773%15%27.6
Honley C of E Junior25780%14%28.1
Hookstone Chase Community Primary22963%26%26.8
Hopton Primary33291%30%30.1
Hopwood Community Primary32898%48%31.5
Horbury Primary49686%21%29.3
Horbury St Peter's and Clifton C of E (VC) Primary34886%38%30.1
Horsforth Featherbank Primary153
Horsforth Newlaithes Primary38795%27%30.4
Horton Grange Primary70367%8%26.9
Horton Mill Community Primary26371%3%26.7
Horton Park Primary36277%13%29.9
Horton-in-Ribblesdale C of E Primary29SUPPSUPPSUPP
Hothfield Junior27783%22%28.9
Hovingham Primary51734%2%24.4
Howard Park Community28576%7%28.2
Hoylandswaine Primary111100%47%30.5
Hoyle Court Primary24287%17%28.9
Hugh Gaitskell Primary5702%0%NA
Hunslet Carr Primary41673%12%27.0
Hunslet Moor Primary37361%12%26.2
Hunslet St Mary's C of E Primary20473%12%27.2
Hurst Knoll St James' C of E Primary22946%4%26.3
Hyrstmount Junior31177%20%28.3
Idle C of E Primary215100%38%30.8
Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Primary40786%39%30.9
Ingram Road Primary31633%19%24.4
Ingrow Primary31939%4%23.2
Intack Primary26167%0%26.4
Iqra Academy Education Trust55182%23%29.0
Ireland Wood Primary31967%15%26.3
Iveson Primary21057%5%24.7
Jerry Clay Academy20997%40%30.7
John Jamieson2040%0%12.1
Keelham Primary12088%38%30.1
Keighley St Andrew's C of E Primary and Nursery45766%14%27.3
Kelbrook Primary10989%16%29.6
Kentmere Primary33458%6%26.3
Kerr Mackie Primary47372%28%28.7
Kettlesing Felliscliffe Community Primary40SUPPSUPPSUPP
Kettlewell Primary26SUPPSUPPSUPP
Kexborough Primary22862%12%27.4
Kildwick C of E Primary13189%26%30.0
Killinghall C of E Primary9886%0%27.8
Killinghall Primary60951%8%25.6
Kingsland Primary720%0%12.2
Kippax Ash Tree Primary38688%28%29.6
Kippax Greenfield Primary16771%25%28.4
Kippax North Junior, Infant & Nursery21890%29%29.6
Kirkburton Middle47368%14%27.6
Kirkby in Malhamdale United Primary44100%43%31.5
Kirkby Malzeard C of E Primary8986%21%30.4
Kirkheaton Primary44783%14%28.5
Kirkstall St Stephen's C of E Primary20389%21%28.8
Kirkstall Valley Primary23183%33%30.9
Knaresborough St John's C of E Primary31078%38%29.6
Knaresborough, Aspin Park Community Primary43191%31%29.9
Knaresborough, Meadowside Community Primary21281%29%29.0
Knowleswood Primary43762%14%26.5
Knowsley Junior35496%15%29.5
Knuzden St Oswald's C of E Primary20880%17%28.6
Lady E Hastings C of E Primary13673%27%29.2
Lady Elizabeth Hastings' C of E Primary, Thorp Arch12778%17%29.0
Lammack Primary48886%34%29.8
Lane End PrimaryNEW
Laneshaw Bridge Primary212100%55%31.7
Langho and Billington St Leonards C of E Primary26791%52%31.9
Lapage Primary and Nursery72484%21%28.6
Lawns Park Primary25570%20%27.3
Laycock Primary9760%20%26.0
Lee Mount Primary36574%3%27.8
Lees Primary20983%27%29.0
Leeside Community Primary32467%17%27.1
Lepton C of E Junior, Infant and Nursery21782%24%29.2
Ley Top Primary34977%7%27.6
Lidget Green Primary & Children's Centre59686%21%29.3
Lightcliffe C of E VA Primary41685%29%29.5
Lilycroft Primary45180%14%27.3
Limehurst Community Primary32983%13%28.0
Ling Bob Junior, Infant and Nursery37976%13%27.3
Linthwaite Ardron C of E () Junior and Infant19481%19%28.5
Linthwaite Clough J I & Early Years Unit33275%25%28.4
Lister Primary49458%4%25.8
Little Heaton C of E Primary18450%0%26.4
Little London Community Primary and Nursery27381%15%28.5
Littleborough Community Primary43475%17%28.1
Littlemoor Primary31550%4%26.4
Littletown Junior Infant and Nursery19795%23%29.7
Livingstone Primary15976%29%30.8
Lomeshaye Junior28791%26%29.4
Long Lee Primary33057%3%25.9
Long Preston Endowed Primary56SUPPSUPPSUPP
Longroyde Junior25491%42%30.4
Longshaw Community Junior30674%17%27.5
Lothersdale Community Primary11089%28%30.4
Low Ash Primary46781%19%28.8
Low Moor C of E Primary41577%27%28.8
Low Road Primary16684%21%28.3
Lower Darwen Primary27886%31%29.9
Lower Fields Primary46367%10%26.7
Lower Wortley Primary35479%26%29.9
Lowercroft Primary24686%39%30.2
Lowerhouses C of E () Junior Infant and Early Years18952%10%24.9
Lowerplace Primary47990%30%30.9
Lowtown Primary21179%25%27.8
Luddenden CofE18269%31%30.1
Lydgate Junior and Infant29174%15%27.8
Lyndhurst Primary and Nursery48466%14%26.8
Manston Primary19686%21%30.1
Manston St James Primary Academy41978%12%27.9
Mapplewell Primary32080%13%28.2
Margaret McMillan Primary60764%9%26.5
Markington C of E Primary5375%8%27.5
Marland Hill Community Primary46371%14%27.9
Marsden Community Primary41958%5%25.6
Marsden Junior16673%24%28.4
Marshfield Primary47374%12%27.2
Mayfield Primary22570%9%27.8
Meadowfield Primary46058%5%25.7
Meadowhead Junior27357%14%27.4
Meanwood C of E Primary213100%71%33.1
Meanwood Community Nursery and Primary42473%6%27.1
Medlock Valley Community32380%27%28.7
Mellor St Mary C of E Primary144100%40%30.9
Meltham C of E (VC) Primary37581%21%29.0
Meltham Moor Primary246100%30%30.3
Menston Primary37088%31%30.2
Mersey Drive Community Primary20995%24%30.7
Methley Primary50283%32%29.4
Methodist Junior, Infant and Nursery: With Communication Resource24487%23%29.3
Micklefield C of E Primary10250%0%24.5
Micklehurst All Saints C of E Primary18779%25%27.9
Middleton Parish Church26283%31%29.5
Middleton Primary38163%4%26.4
Middleton St Mary's C of E Primary46079%21%28.4
Mill Field Primary36345%5%25.4
Mill Lane Primary16691%27%30.3
Millbridge Junior Infant and Nursery34374%11%27.8
Millbrook Primary24996%52%31.2
Millhouse Primary10889%33%29.8
Mills Hill Primary46898%38%30.6
Millwood Primary Special1040%0%12.5
Milnrow Parish C of E Primary19493%36%31.0
Milton St John's C of E Primary24187%27%30.3
Miriam Lord Community Primary45779%21%27.1
Moldgreen Community Primary39091%15%29.4
Moor Allerton Hall Primary43267%7%26.7
Moorhouse Primary22662%0%27.1
Moorlands Primary62484%24%29.4
Moorside Community Primary296NANANA
Moorside Junior13772%22%27.5
Moortown Primary21093%57%31.9
Morley Newlands Primary48367%10%27.4
Morley Victoria Primary49395%42%31.7
Moston Fields Primary33165%10%27.1
Mount Pleasant Primary60373%13%27.6
Myrtle Park Primary26481%25%29.6
Nelson Castercliff Community Primary30054%5%25.9
Nelson St Paul's C of E Primary26685%19%29.1
Nelson St Philip's C of E Primary13968%11%26.9
Nessfield Primary48063%18%28.1
Netherthong Primary21694%53%31.8
New Moston Primary50287%27%30.8
New Road Primary96100%0%28.7
Newby Primary52881%12%28.2
Newchurch-in-Pendle St Mary's C of E Primary47SUPPSUPPSUPP
Newhall Park Primary43568%18%28.4
Newhey Community Primary25970%10%28.9
Newlands Primary23452%10%25.3
Newsome Junior22489%26%29.7
Newton Hill Community19787%20%28.7
Nields Junior Infant and Nursery22273%19%28.4
Ninelands Primary46472%17%28.0
Norden Community Primary44696%32%31.0
Norland C of E Junior and Infant85100%44%30.5
Normanton Altofts Junior27788%25%29.6
Normanton Common Primary35278%22%28.1
Normanton Junior31961%6%27.1
Norristhorpe Junior and Infant40688%20%29.6
North Rigton C of E Primary8893%36%30.0
North West Specialist Inclusive Learning Centre2100%0%12.4
Northern Primary18486%36%29.8
Northowram Primary48090%32%30.3
Nortonthorpe Hall62SUPPSUPPSUPP
Oakworth Primary46590%32%30.8
Oasis Academy Limeside25889%22%29.8
Oatlands Community Junior29591%33%30.5
Old Bank Junior Infant and Nursery15972%11%26.1
Old Earth Primary44494%38%30.6
Old Hall Primary15676%43%29.5
Old Town Primary10680%33%29.3
Oldfield Primary4663%0%25.7
Ossett Flushdyke Junior and Infant12687%33%29.9
Ossett Holy Trinity C of E VA Primary36989%36%30.6
Ossett South Parade Primary40178%27%28.2
Ossett Southdale C of E Junior28479%27%29.7
Oswaldtwistle Hippings Methodist Primary21193%19%29.6
Oswaldtwistle Moor End Primary19872%17%28.4
Oswaldtwistle St Andrew's C of E Primary21675%14%27.4
Oswaldtwistle St Paul's C of E Primary14756%6%26.3
Oswaldtwistle West End Primary21081%39%29.9
Oswaldtwistle White Ash800%0%12.9
Otley All Saints C of E Primary25997%29%30.0
Otley the Whartons Primary19686%32%29.7
Oulton Primary32876%12%27.5
Our Lady and St Anselm's RC Primary, Whitworth14791%55%31.2
Our Lady and St Brendan's Catholic Primary19970%17%27.7
Our Lady and St Hubert's RC Primary, Great Harwood17471%29%28.2
Our Lady and St Paul's RC Primary, Heywood22975%21%28.2
Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Primary23390%30%30.0
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary22083%26%28.5
Our Lady of Lourdes RC Primary, Bury16280%35%29.4
Our Lady of Perpetual Succour RC Primary Blackburn15252%0%25.8
Our Lady of Victories Catholic27287%23%28.3
Outwood Primary Academy Ledger Lane27397%29%30.2
Outwood Primary Academy Lofthouse Gate47190%28%29.9
Oxenhope C of E Primary19079%25%29.0
Paddock Junior Infant and Nursery39474%14%27.4
Padiham Green C of E Primary20082%29%28.7
Padiham Primary28485%21%29.0
Padiham St Leonard's C of E Primary24492%21%29.4
Pannal Primary33593%27%29.8
Park Primary32253%6%25.9
Park Road Junior Infant and Nursery24152%14%25.7
Park Spring Primary29480%28%28.7
Park View Primary Academy26267%7%26.9
Parkfield Primary22794%36%30.5
Parkinson Lane Community Primary53182%23%29.3
Parkland Primary24558%5%25.5
Parklands Primary28553%6%25.4
Parkside Primary Academy21679%11%28.6
Parkwood Primary23770%20%27.4
Peel Brow19288%16%29.1
Peel Park Primary61568%17%26.9
Pendle View Primary770%0%12.2
Penistone St John's Primary42981%21%28.9
Pike Fold Primary33387%19%28.9
Pool-in-Wharfedale C of E Primary19383%23%29.6
Poplars Farm Primary23490%24%28.9
Priestthorpe Primary23070%19%28.6
Primrose Lane Primary24487%27%29.7
Princeville Primary57477%7%27.8
Pudsey Bolton Royd Primary48577%4%27.7
Pudsey Primrose Hill Primary42591%23%29.4
Pudsey Tyersal Primary23752%11%26.2
Pudsey Waterloo Primary44665%15%27.0
Quarry Mount Primary17981%0%27.8
Queensway Primary23472%14%28.1
Radcliffe Hall Church of England/Methodist Controlled Primary29171%8%27.1
Rainbow Primary167
Ramsbottom Stubbins Primary21197%41%30.6
Rathmell C of E Primary37SUPPSUPPSUPP
Ravensthorpe C of E Junior42377%16%28.0
Rawdon Littlemoor Primary31880%36%29.0
Rawdon St Peter's C of E Primary30288%29%30.2
Rawson Junior and Infant37473%5%29.1
Rawtenstall Balladen Community Primary20073%23%27.9
Rawtenstall Cribden House Community Special400%0%18.0
Rawtenstall Newchurch C of E Primary10982%29%28.9
Rawtenstall St Anne's C of E Primary, Edgeside18184%20%29.5
Rawtenstall St Paul's Constable Lee C of E Primary26478%17%28.5
Rawthorpe Junior19579%14%27.6
Raynville Primary46680%10%27.5
Read St John's C of E Primary18193%26%30.2
Reedley Primary32089%16%29.6
Reevy Hill Primary22152%11%25.4
Reinwood Community Junior35486%23%29.5
Ribble Drive Community Primary24062%8%27.3
Ribchester St Wilfrid's C of E Primary83100%75%32.8
Richard Taylor C of E Primary27898%38%31.3
Richmond Hill Primary45435%0%24.8
Richmond PrimaryNEW
Richmond Primary53780%18%28.2
Riddlesden St Mary's C of E Primary40976%12%27.8
Ripley Endowed Church of England8885%8%28.0
Ripon Cathedral C of E Primary21775%18%27.8
Ripon, Greystone Community Primary20550%14%27.0
Ripponden Junior and Infant21878%33%29.6
Rishton Methodist Primary15262%5%26.7
Rishton St Peter and St Paul's C of E Primary19583%21%29.2
Riverside Junior14186%32%30.3
Roberttown C of E Junior and Infant24394%55%31.3
Robin Hood Primary37187%31%29.6
Roe Lee Park Primary39870%8%26.9
Roecliffe C of E Primary89100%25%30.0
Rooks Nest Academy36998%31%30.8
Rosebank Primary31348%8%26.5
Rosehill Methodist Community Primary45784%14%28.5
Rosewood Primary40377%38%29.5
Rossett Acre Primary42088%40%30.5
Rothwell C of E Primary AcademyNEW
Rothwell C of E Primary18363%16%27.0
Rothwell Primary36084%31%29.1
Rothwell St Mary's RC Primary20983%23%29.8
Roughlee C of E Primary33
Roundhay St John's C of E Primary25987%29%30.0
Roundthorn Primary Academy26193%27%30.5
Rowley Lane Junior Infant and Nursery49097%33%30.4
Royds Hall Community850
Royston St John the Baptist C of E Primary24275%19%27.9
Royton Hall Primary34578%20%28.5
Rufford Park Primary23076%24%28.6
Rushcroft Primary20590%37%30.7
Russell Hall Primary25890%23%29.3
Ryecroft AcademyNEW
Ryecroft Primary Academy26770%7%26.4
Ryecroft Primary19167%13%26.7
Ryhill Junior, Infant and Nursery22573%23%27.1
Sabden Primary10789%39%30.7
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary22076%10%26.9
Sacred Heart Catholic Primary, Sowerby Bridge154100%19%29.5
Sacred Heart RC Primary Blackburn19269%3%27.2
Sacred Heart RC Primary, Church23373%27%28.2
Sacred Heart RC Primary, Colne20686%21%27.7
Sacred Heart RC Primary, Rochdale22888%12%27.6
Salesbury C of E Primary29880%22%29.9
Saltaire Primary42086%31%29.5
Salterforth Primary9887%13%29.5
Saltergate Community Junior15767%19%27.0
Salterhebble Junior and Infant20796%25%30.0
Salterlee Primary10693%40%31.5
Sandal Endowed C of E Junior286NANANA
Sandal Primary45581%33%29.5
Sandbrook Community Primary51580%7%27.8
Sandy Lane Primary31353%2%26.5
Savile Park Primary20974%23%28.7
Saxton C of E Primary77100%38%30.2
Scapegoat Hill Junior and Infant7386%29%29.4
Scholes (Elmet) Primary31287%42%29.7
Scholes (Holmfirth) J & I21189%32%30.7
Scholes Village Primary22173%19%27.9
Scissett Middle56476%16%28.8
Scotton Lingerfield Community Primary7380%33%29.9
Scout Road Academy108100%33%31.0
Seacroft Grange Primary22848%9%24.9
Settle C of E Primary20073%20%28.6
Seven Hills Primary44785%36%29.4
Shade Primary21789%18%28.4
Shadsworth Junior21377%8%28.1
Shadwell Primary20893%60%32.0
Shakespeare Primary38673%10%26.9
Sharlston Community (3-11): With Visual Impairment Resource22485%25%29.0
Sharneyford Primary6580%0%27.0
Sharow C of E Primary9156%13%26.9
Sharp Lane Primary49069%16%28.2
Shawclough Community Primary45687%41%30.2
Shay Lane Primary (J and I)18954%13%26.3
Shelf Junior and Infant30561%16%27.3
Shibden Head Primary Academy41989%34%30.6
Shipley C of E Primary25277%10%27.7
Shire Oak VC Primary20488%23%29.4
Shirley Manor Primary17989%17%29.5
Sicklinghall Community Primary5950%13%27.4
Silkstone Primary20783%34%28.9
Silver Springs Primary Academy32985%7%27.5
Simonstone St Peter's C of E Primary12576%29%29.1
Sitlington Middlestown Junior and Infant20581%29%28.9
Sitlington Netherton Junior and Infant23684%12%27.7
Skelton Newby Hall C of E Primary31SUPPSUPPSUPP
Skipton Parish Church C of E Primary20088%31%29.4
Skipton, Greatwood Community Primary24792%20%29.0
Skipton, Ings Community Primary and Nursery4267%0%25.3
Skipton, Water Street Community Primary22294%61%31.3
Slaidburn Brennands Endowed Primary5090%10%28.7
Slaithwaite C of E Junior and Infant150100%33%30.6
Smawthorne Henry Moore Primary, Castleford46282%27%29.1
Smithy Bridge Foundation Primary45987%28%29.6
South Crosland C of E Junior22685%23%30.3
Southmere PrimaryNEW
Southmere Primary36363%20%26.5
Southroyd Primary and Nursery48180%25%29.2
Sowerby Village C of E VC Primary17177%9%28.0
Spofforth C of E Controlled Primary11786%43%30.4
Spotland Primary42647%11%25.7
Spring Bank Primary20793%21%29.6
Spring Brook6930%10%24.2
Spring Grove Junior Infant and Nursery25197%26%31.3
Springside Primary25077%17%28.4
Springvale Primary24576%31%29.4
Springwood Community Primary44147%0%24.1
Ss. Peter and Paul Catholic Primary, A Voluntary Academy21284%26%29.6
St Agnes C of E Primary11094%18%28.5
St Aidan and St Oswald's RC40669%19%27.8
St Aidan's C of E Primary21948%0%24.7
St Alban's RC Primary Blackburn23075%7%27.8
St Andrew's C of E Primary, Dearnley23074%4%27.6
St Andrew's C of E Primary, Ramsbottom24278%39%29.8
St Andrew's C of E (VA) Junior23073%17%28.2
St Anne's and St Joseph's RC Primary, Accrington31468%16%27.5
St Anne's Catholic Primary32266%16%26.9
St Anne's C of E (Aided) Primary29795%26%29.6
St Anne's C of E Lydgate Primary20880%20%27.8
St Anne's RC Primary22769%24%28.4
St Anne's RC Primary Blackburn24073%9%28.1
St Anthony's Catholic Primary12783%22%27.8
St Anthony's Catholic Primary25384%16%30.5
St Anthony's Catholic Primary, Beeston20596%48%30.7
St Antony's RC Primary24167%4%26.2
St Augustine of Canterbury RC Primary, Burnley20390%35%29.4
St Augustine's Catholic Primary46861%12%26.8
St Augustine's C of E VA Junior and Infant18259%9%25.8
St Austin's Catholic Primary31677%30%28.7
St Barnabas and St Paul's C of E Primary30190%34%30.5
St Bartholomew's C of E Primary12577%18%28.8
St Bartholomew's C of E Primary55587%35%30.6
St Benedict's Catholic Primary23593%30%30.1
St Bernadette's RC Primary, Whitefield25593%27%29.7
St Chad's C of E Primary25682%21%28.1
St Chad's C of E (VA) Primary21787%48%30.6
St Chad's C of E Primary276100%54%32.6
St Charles' RC20296%22%30.0
St Christopher's RC Primary23596%54%31.7
St Clare's Catholic Primary14770%15%27.8
St Clare's RC Primary45969%15%26.9
St Columba's Catholic Primary42267%11%27.0
St Cuthbert and The First Martyrs' Catholic Primary23490%26%30.4
St Cuthbert's C of E Primary20576%41%30.4
St Cuthbert's C of E Primary, Pateley Bridge10594%39%31.2
St Edward's Catholic Primary, Boston Spa150100%53%32.8
St Edward's C of E Primary33782%22%28.9
St Edward's RC28397%29%31.2
St Edward's RC Primary Blackburn20277%27%28.6
St Francis Catholic Primary24484%39%29.4
St Francis Catholic Primary, Morley153100%39%32.0
St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary22590%19%28.6
St Gabriel's C of E Primary20893%43%30.8
St Gabriel's C of E Primary23085%19%29.2
St Gabriel's RC Primary, Rochdale19590%14%28.9
St George's C of E Primary17273%14%28.2
St Herbert's RC32075%18%27.5
St Hilda's C of E Primary37552%9%25.7
St Hugh's C of E Primary21756%13%26.7
St Ignatius Catholic Primary16484%47%30.9
St James' C of E Primary18879%26%29.3
St James' C of E Primary20568%16%28.4
St James' C of E Primary Blackburn38278%34%29.7
St James' C of E Primary, Clitheroe24971%17%27.9
St James' C of E Primary8170%20%27.0
St James' Church Primary35739%7%23.3
St James-the-Less RC Primary, Rawtenstall20386%29%29.7
St John Bosco RC Primary23280%8%28.1
St John Fisher RC Primary, Rochdale20980%30%28.9
St John Southworth RC Primary, Nelson20959%11%26.7
St John the Baptist RC Primary24188%19%28.4
St John the Baptist RC Primary, Padiham24768%19%27.8
St John the Evangelist Catholic Primary21175%16%27.9
St John with St Mark C of E Primary30274%9%28.2
St John with St Michael C of E Primary, Shawforth11983%25%29.6
St John's C of E Junior and Infant21791%24%29.8
St John's C of E Junior15397%24%30.2
St John's C of E Primary49381%37%30.0
St John's C of E Primary, Cliviger19267%17%27.0
St John's Primary In Rishworth14090%50%31.3
St John's RC Primary, Rochdale2760%0%NA
St John's Stonefold C of E Primary11785%30%29.4
St John's VA C of E Primary, Thornham8780%40%30.2
St Joseph and St Bede Catholic Primary34172%31%28.6
St Joseph's Catholic Primary41278%18%28.9
St Joseph's Catholic Primary39753%10%26.4
St Joseph's Catholic Primary19695%41%31.2
St Joseph's Catholic Primary19825%4%25.4
St Joseph's Catholic Primary (Dewsbury)21775%13%28.0
St Joseph's Catholic Primary (Huddersfield)30868%7%28.2
St Joseph's Catholic Primary Castleford20979%41%29.6
St Joseph's Catholic Primary, Barnoldswick13292%31%29.8
St Joseph's Catholic Primary, Bishop Thornton23SUPPSUPPSUPP
St Joseph's Catholic Primary, Brighouse24378%19%28.4
St Joseph's Catholic Primary, Harrogate21094%23%29.8
St Joseph's Catholic Primary, Hunslet19872%16%27.8
St Joseph's Catholic Primary, Otley20490%32%29.4
St Joseph's Catholic Primary, Pudsey21984%25%28.3
St Joseph's Catholic Primary, Wetherby22897%42%31.6
St Joseph's RC Junior Infant and Nursery244100%56%32.7
St Joseph's RC Primary17190%19%28.8
St Joseph's RC Primary, Todmorden111SUPPSUPPSUPP
St Joseph's RC Primary, Darwen14180%24%28.3
St Joseph's RC Primary, Hurst Green6589%67%31.8
St Joseph's RC Primary, Ramsbottom228100%29%30.3
St Joseph's RC Primary, Rochdale29890%23%30.0
St Joseph's RC Primary, Stacksteads, Bacup10881%13%27.8
St Luke and St Philips C of E Primary23776%3%27.2
St Luke and St Philips C of E PrimaryNEW
St Luke's C of E Primary20683%20%28.4
St Luke's C of E Primary21293%34%30.5
St Luke's C of E Primary48176%22%29.2
St Luke's C of E Primary20986%14%28.0
St Malachy's Catholic Primary20880%15%28.5
St Margaret Mary's RC Primary Manchester35096%36%31.7
St Margaret's C of E Primary20867%20%28.0
St Margaret's C of E Primary25378%28%29.0
St Margaret's C of E Primary42873%29%28.7
St Margaret's C of E Junior Infant and Nursery30947%8%26.3
St Marie's RC Primary, Bury25190%6%28.6
St Martin's C of E Junior Infant and Nursery264100%22%30.5
St Mary Magdalene's RC Primary, Burnley20787%30%30.2
St Mary's &St Peter's Catholic Primary22971%0%27.0
St Mary's and St Joseph's RC Primary Blackburn20793%27%30.7
St Mary's Catholic Primary28585%28%29.0
St Mary's Catholic Primary, Batley35380%25%28.6
St Mary's Catholic Primary, Horsforth21294%35%30.8
St Mary's Catholic Primary, Knaresborough20887%13%29.5
St Mary's C of E Controlled Primary Boston Spa147100%39%31.8
St Mary's C of E Primary, Balderstone20667%26%27.3
St Mary's C of E Primary, Hawkshaw101100%43%31.9
St Mary's C of E (VC) J and I9092%25%30.1
St Mary's C of E Primary High Crompton21077%33%29.2
St Mary's C of E Primary Moston22771%5%27.8
St Mary's Rawtenstall C of E Primary190100%45%30.7
St Mary's RC Primary, Bacup17238%5%25.4
St Mary's RC Primary, Burnley27272%19%28.2
St Mary's RC Primary, Clayton-le-Moors11872%17%27.2
St Mary's RC Primary, Haslingden12592%50%32.5
St Mary's RC Primary, Langho26482%23%29.5
St Mary's RC Primary, Littleborough24596%36%30.3
St Mary's RC Primary, Middleton34095%32%29.6
St Mary's RC Primary, Osbaldeston7086%21%29.8
St Mary's RC Primary, Oswaldtwistle25074%21%27.8
St Mary's RC Primary, Sabden7764%14%26.9
St Matthew's Catholic Primary25284%13%27.6
St Matthew's C of E Aided Primary40070%26%28.4
St Matthew's C of E Primary26565%10%26.9
St Matthew's C of E Primary42286%21%29.0
St Matthew's C of E Primary and Nursery49375%15%27.7
St Michael and All Angels C of E Primary20861%14%26.5
St Michael and St John's RC Primary, Clitheroe20886%28%29.6
St Michael with St John C of E Controlled Primary45771%20%27.6
St Michael's C of E Primary, Alkrington20980%27%29.9
St Michael's C of E Primary, Bamford24393%37%30.9
St Michael's RC Primary, Whitefield24873%23%27.7
St Nicholas Catholic Primary28280%15%29.2
St Oswald's C of E Junior30580%17%28.5
St Oswald's RC Primary, Accrington16288%19%30.2
St Patrick Catholic Primary21493%27%30.0
St Patrick's Catholic Primary11369%31%28.4
St Patrick's Catholic Primary, Birstall26191%37%30.5
St Patrick's Catholic Primary, Huddersfield40087%33%29.8
St Patrick's RC Primary and Nursery23368%7%27.3
St Patrick's RC Primary, Rochdale30895%23%30.1
St Paul's Catholic Primary20883%50%30.6
St Paul's C of E Primary, Bury19333%0%23.8
St Paul's C of E Primary23363%13%27.2
St Paul's C of E Primary20396%30%30.2
St Paulinus Catholic Primary43881%9%28.8
St Peter's C of E Primary46750%5%25.5
St Peter's C of E Primary26682%12%27.9
St Peter's C of E Primary, Leeds26286%14%28.2
St Peter's C of E Junior, Infant and Early Years22082%29%29.5
St Peter's C of E Primary17345%0%24.2
St Peter's RC Primary, Blackburn45184%24%29.2
St Peter's RC Primary, Newchurch12169%15%28.2
St Peter's RC Primary, Rochdale20489%29%29.0
St Philip's Catholic Primary and Nursery23792%27%29.9
St Philip's C of E PrimaryNEW
St Philip's C of E Primary23560%0%26.7
St Raphael's Catholic Primary20696%29%30.3
St Robert's Catholic Primary, Harrogate28488%20%29.4
St Silas C of E Primary25075%5%27.2
St Silas's C of E Primary41458%8%25.8
St Stephen's Catholic Primary, Skipton22981%42%30.3
St Stephen's C of E Primary22276%12%28.7
St Stephen's C of E Primary46684%30%28.9
St Stephen's C of E Primary45077%0%27.9
St Theresa's Catholic Primary51483%24%29.2
St Thomas C of E Primary31077%14%28.8
St Thomas C of E (VC) Primary44869%9%26.4
St Thomas C of E Primary44362%13%26.4
St Thomas Moorside C of E (VA) Primary18173%13%28.2
St Thomas More RC Primary, Middleton, Rochdale33460%13%28.6
St Thomas' C of E Primary15371%38%29.6
St Thomas' Leesfield C of E Primary20787%27%29.8
St Urban's Catholic Primary20889%39%30.6
St Veronica's RC Primary, Helmshore17195%36%31.2
St Vincent's RC Primary, Rochdale41986%29%29.8
St Walburga's Catholic Primary23677%33%29.2
St Wilfrid's Catholic Primary15571%29%29.3
St William's Catholic Primary22162%24%27.4
St Winefride's Catholic Primary45673%23%28.8
St Wulstan's Catholic Primary, Great Harwood17563%8%26.8
St. John the Baptist Catholic Primary24880%13%29.5
St. Theresa's17082%18%29.1
Staincliffe C of E Junior35677%23%28.6
Stanbury Village10571%21%28.4
Stanley Grove Primary and Nursery19293%40%31.4
Stanley Road Primary45577%17%27.7
Stanley St Peters C of E Primary34877%26%28.4
Stanningley Primary26090%28%29.5
Stansfield Hall Church of England/Free Church Primary8671%21%27.5
Starbeck Community Primary25967%8%27.0
Staveley Community Primary8788%59%31.6
Steeton Primary28177%18%28.2
Stocks Lane Primary10192%17%28.5
Strawberry Fields Primary35084%25%28.9
Streethouse, Junior, Infant and Nursery11773%27%27.8
Sudell Primary19775%4%27.9
Summerbridge Community Primary6067%17%27.5
Summerfield Primary25464%14%26.3
Summerfields Primary Academy19473%20%28.7
Summerseat Methodist Primary10388%29%29.6
Sunny Bank Primary21081%13%28.6
Sutton in Craven C of E Primary8383%28%29.8
Sutton-in-Craven Community Primary19169%15%28.2
Swain House Primary51573%11%27.0
Swarcliffe Primary31463%17%26.6
Swillington Primary21777%18%27.8
Swinnow Primary27279%25%29.3
Talbot Primary49792%36%30.7
Templenewsam Halton Primary49175%29%28.7
Thackley Primary45587%44%29.7
The Boyle and Petyt Primary5982%27%30.1
The Forest1120%0%12.2
The Greetland Academy42098%62%32.4
The Heys Primary25354%4%25.4
The Kingfisher Community Special1400%0%12.1
The New Bewerley Community Primary36371%10%27.3
The Phoenix Special780%0%12.3
The Sacred Heart Catholic Primary215100%70%32.3
Thornbury Primary68651%1%25.7
Thorner C of E Primary18779%38%29.4
Thorneyholme RC Primary, Dunsop Bridge35SUPPSUPPSUPP
Thornham St James C of E Primary208100%41%30.9
Thornhill Junior and Infant37268%6%25.9
Thornton in Craven Community Primary7863%25%27.2
Thornton Primary60465%12%27.9
Thorp Primary23593%31%30.2
Thorpe Primary23494%41%31.7
Thorpe Primary20982%21%28.0
Thurlstone Primary11964%7%27.3
Todmorden C of E J, I & N18381%7%28.7
Tonacliffe Primary34391%33%30.8
Tor View1420%0%12.5
Tottington Primary28383%24%29.4
Towngate Primary26063%13%27.1
Tranmere Park Primary35498%56%31.8
Trawden Forest Primary17761%17%27.1
Triangle C of E VC Primary17691%13%29.1
Trinity All Saints C of E VA Primary31850%18%27.1
Turton and Edgworth CofE/Methodist Controlled Primary22384%34%30.0
Unsworth Primary22287%19%29.3
Upperthong Junior and Infant20989%29%30.1
Valley View Community Primary29675%13%28.3
Victoria Junior14470%14%28.5
Victoria Primary44049%4%25.5
Victoria Primary26372%14%26.4
Waddington and West Bradford C of E Primary124100%39%31.8
Wakefield Flanshaw Junior and Infant40864%11%27.2
Wakefield Greenhill Primary25480%20%29.3
Wakefield Heath View Community Primary JIN34863%14%26.9
Wakefield Heath View Community Primary JinNEW
Wakefield Lawefield Primary24964%4%26.6
Wakefield Pinders Primary (JIN)24290%24%28.7
Wakefield Snapethorpe Primary58481%14%28.0
Wakefield St Johns C of E Junior and Infant19986%25%28.9
Wakefield St Marys C of E Primary23977%23%28.5
Wakefield the Mount Junior and Infant19670%22%27.7
Walsden St Peter's CE (VC) Primary15774%39%29.2
Walton Primary35595%47%31.2
Walverden Primary45856%6%26.2
Warley Road Primary55873%19%28.1
Warley Town10994%31%30.8
Warwick Road Junior Infant and Nursery34284%18%28.3
Water Primary63100%29%29.1
Waterfoot Primary31380%36%29.7
Waterloo Primary41367%19%27.9
Watersheddings Primary24179%21%28.3
Weetwood Primary260100%50%31.7
Wellfield Methodist and Anglican Church21194%42%30.1
Wellgate Primary37279%19%28.3
Wellhouse Junior and Infant72SUPPSUPPSUPP
Wellington Primary50071%20%28.1
Wensley Fold C of E Primary Academy30691%25%29.9
Werneth Primary54171%13%27.2
West Bretton Junior and Infant103100%14%29.6
West End Primary25190%42%31.3
West Oaks Sen Specialist and College1580%0%15.5
West Specialist Inclusive Learning Centre1870%0%12.3
West Street Community Primary15171%12%27.1
West Vale Primary18280%24%28.6
Westbourne Primary47363%5%25.9
Westbrook Lane Primary20887%42%31.3
Western Primary51295%32%30.2
Westerton Primary73778%32%29.5
Westgate Primary25880%23%29.3
Westminster C of E Primary56560%18%26.9
Westmoor Primary49077%18%28.8
Westroyd Primary and Nursery256
Westwood Primary32092%13%28.9
Westwood Primary23567%0%27.0
Whalley C of E Primary26190%28%29.3
Wheatley Lane Methodist Primary206100%48%31.4
Whingate Primary45772%28%28.5
Whinmoor St Paul's C of E Primary20679%21%29.1
White Laith Primary233100%24%29.9
Whitechapel C of E Primary38964%18%27.6
Whitecote Primary43681%17%28.2
Whitegate End Primary and Nursery25390%33%29.8
Whitehill Community Academy50278%23%28.7
Whitkirk Primary36854%7%25.5
Whittaker Moss Primary34383%28%29.2
Whittlefield Primary22883%29%30.1
Wibsey Primary70280%31%29.4
Wigton Moor Primary40995%47%31.4
Wilberlee Junior and Infant77SUPPSUPPSUPP
Willow Tree Community Primary52867%16%28.0
Wilsden Primary40159%16%26.7
Windmill C of E (VC) PrimaryNEW
Windmill Primary36271%12%26.3
Withinfields Primary31750%3%27.2
Wood Bank700%0%12.4
Woodbank Primary28952%3%26.8
Woodfield Primary154100%19%29.6
Woodhouse Primary41493%45%31.1
Woodhouses Voluntary Primary13682%12%28.1
Woodland Community Primary44973%11%27.8
Woodlands C of E Primary10393%43%31.2
Woodlesford Primary47582%13%28.9
Woodside Academy39466%10%26.9
Wooldale Junior21875%20%28.4
Worsthorne Primary19792%42%30.7
Worth Valley Primary22767%7%27.3
Worthinghead Primary18068%32%27.5
Wrenthorpe Primary24797%31%29.7
Wycliffe C of E Primary22683%14%28.1
Wykebeck Primary38061%10%25.7
Yeadon Westfield Junior21081%30%29.0
Yew Tree Community49181%25%29.3


  • Pupils: pupils eligibile for Key Stage 2 assessment - this number includes pupils absent or unable to access the tests
  • Level 4: percentage of pupils achieving Level 4 or above in reading, writing and maths. Most 11 year olds are expected to achieve at least Level 4 by the end of KS2
  • Level 5: percentage of pupils achieving Level 5 or above in reading, writing and maths - this is above the expected level for most pupils

Includes data supplied by Department for Education 2010-14

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