A memorial plaque at the graveside of Anne Bronte was officially dedicated on Saturday.

A short service was held at the site, at St Mary’s Church in Scarborough.

Members of the Haworth-based Bronte Society, who maintain the grave, read some of Anne’s poems and chairman, Sally McDonald, spoke about the history of the plaque. Flowers were also placed on the grave.

The plaque, installed in 2011, interprets the wording on Anne’s gravestone, which due to weathering has become difficult to read.

And it corrects the original inscription, which mistakenly gave Anne’s age as 28, rather than 29, which has baffled Bronte buffs for generations.

Mrs McDonald said: “Anne was the quietest Bronte and can still sometimes be overlooked in favour of her sisters Charlotte and Emily.

“In some ways, though, she is now viewed as the most radical of the sisters, writing about tough subjects such as women’s need to maintain independence and how alcoholism can tear a family apart.

“It is a pleasure to honour her in this modest way, almost 193 years after she died, in the coastal town she loved so much.”