A link between a local school and its Indonesian partner enabled pupils from the southeast Asian country to visit Keighley. Six girls from Darunnajah Islamic Boarding School in Jakarta spent ten days in England thanks to a connection – first set up in 2006 – with Holy Family Catholic School. The girls, who were aged 15 to 17, arrived on May 11 and stayed with four host families.

They attended lessons at Holy Family and learned about British culture.

They were accompanied by their school’s principal, Dr Sofwan Manaf, his wife, Rizma Ilfi, and teachers Much Hasan Darojat and Syaeful Hadi.

Mr Darojat, who teaches Arabic and religious education, said: “This is the first time I’ve been to England.

“It’s a wonderful and historic place, with very old traditions. Whenever I think of western civilisation, I think of England first.”

The Indonesian visitors were taken to see Old Trafford football ground, and also toured Bradford, York and the Yorkshire Dales. They exchanged gifts with their hosts to celebrate the partnership between the two schools.

The Darunnajah boarding school is based in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, and has 2,300 pupils.