Survivor of a bygone lifestyle, this was Timothy Feather – the last handloom weaver in the area – who died in 1910 at his Buckley Green cottage near Stanbury, aged 85.

During his later years, he became a popular postcard subject, photographed weaving at his upstairs loom or sitting at his bobbin-winder outside, or as here in his kitchen amid a bachelor’s clutter.

Its contents included two oak chests, a chest of drawers, four empty bird-cages, two cases of stuffed animals, assorted clocks – of which only one, a cuckoo-clock, was in working order – and pots, plates, jugs, pictures and even treacle tins.

During his long working life, Owd Timothy wove an estimated 234,780 yards of cotton cloth, his thumb and fingers wearing a deep imprint in the wooden sleyboard of his loom, which can be seen in Cliffe Castle Museum.