People feeding ducks and other birds at Keighley Tarn have been urged to ensure their good intentions don’t end up spoiling the beauty spot.

Campaigners working to safeguard the area’s environment have warned of plastic and bread bags ending up in the water or in undergrowth at the edges of the tarn.

They have asked people to take these bags home rather than risk them blowing out of litter bins during windy weather.

Keighley West councillor Jan Smithies said: “We think most of these have been binned but blow out again but some are clearly just dropped after the wildfowl have been fed.

“Friends of the tarn want to encourage folk to take their bags home again afterwards. We think if they realise the harm this is doing to the wildfowl and the local environment many people would comply.”

Coun Smithies and Friends of Keighley Tarn member Dorothy Tennant also thanked a local dog walker who has been regularly clearing up the bags on his own initiative.