Five Keighley-district premises have received zero ratings for food hygiene following recent inspections, it has been revealed.

They are among 27 across the whole Bradford area to be marked with the lowest possible score.

The Food Hygiene Rating Scheme is run by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) in partnership with local authorities.

Environmental health officers carry out inspections and give the businesses a hygiene rating from zero to five based on the conditions they find.

Officers look at three factors: whether food is prepared hygienically, whether the building is fit for purpose and how well food safety records are kept.

The latest zero ratings are based on information published at, correct as of Friday afternoon.

Businesses should not be confused with establishments of a similar name elsewhere.

Locally, those with nil ratings include Al-Habib at 453a Bradford Road in Sandbeds, which was inspected on April 9 last year. Manager Fiaz Akhtar said the Indian take-away had worked with Council officers during the past year to hit new high standards.

“They have visited us four or five times and they are now delighted with everything,” said Mr Akhtar.

At Chicago Hut, 1 Bolton Road, Silsden, inspected on December 4 last year, manager Perwaz Asghar said the score would be a one-off and he would like a re-inspection.

He added: “I have got nothing to hide. We are here to do business. It’s a very, very clean shop. I have seen worse takeaways than this.”

He said when the inspector visited, a washbasin had been detached as part of building works, and this was now reinstalled. And he added paperwork had not been on site at the time because the owner had it.

Chicken Cottage at 6-8 Cavendish Street in Keighley was inspected on December 11, but it had its most recent visit from inspectors just days ago, said a spokesman for the takeaway. “They were very pleased with what they found,” he said.

Deli Touch at 40 Victoria Road in Keighley was inspected on December 5. A senior worker at the takeaway, who asked not to be named, said they were now working closely with Bradford Council to achieve and maintain the highest possible standards.

Lee Raaj Balti House at 72-74 Haworth Road in Cross Roads, inspected on January 31, also got a zero rating. It is now closed.

Councillor Andrew Thornton, executive member for the environment, said the council would “not hesitate to take action” against unhygienic businesses.

“We will work with business owners to help them improve, but where they ignore our advice, we will not hesitate to take action – including putting those responsible before the courts for prosecution,” he said. “All food premises in Bradford district are risk-rated and inspected accordingly.”

Keighley MP Kris Hopkins said there was no excuse for poor hygiene in food outlets.

“It is simply unacceptable for the public to be exposed to the dangers this presents,” he added.

“Whilst it is interesting to hear some managers now claim Council officers are thrilled at the progress that has been made at their establishments, I would be more interested to hear what the Council officers themselves have to say.”

Craven ward district councillor Adrian Naylor added: “In this day and age, outlets are well aware of the hygiene requirements they have to meet. They really need to pull their socks up.”