The first eye-catching piece of artwork forming part of the Tour de France cultural festival is now drawing people’s attention to a site in Stanbury.

An image of a shepherd beckoning to his sheepdog has been created in a field – a location appropriately used to graze sheep. People wanting to see the land art have been advised to use the best vantage point, which is the lay-by outside the gates of Haworth Cemetery in Cemetery Road.

The outline image is part of the Fields of Vision project, an initiative first put forward by the Worth Valley Young Farmers Club. The project is being driven forward as a partnership with several other organisations, and is co-ordinated by Pennine Prospects.

Andrew Wood, of Worth Valley Young Farmers, said: “The Stanbury artwork has been done by the artist Simon Manfield, in collaboration with us.

“The artwork was initially mapped out with white ribbon, a lot of which was donated by Brook International in Cross Hills.

“It was a bit strange because to create the outline someone had to stand a good distance away, at a viewpoint, and use a walkie talkie to tell the people in the field how the ribbon should be laid out.

“We’re very pleased with how the artwork has come out. It should now stay there right through to October.”