A Scout group has been launched at a Keighley special school.

Initially, the group – known as 7th Keighley – will cater just for pupils at the school, Phoenix.

But it is hoped to eventually open up membership to other children from the district with special educational needs.

Leader, Rachael Cook, said even though the group is still in its formative stages, the initial response had been “brilliant”.

“The kids are absolutely loving it,” said Mrs Cook, 27, who works at Phoenix as a special needs teaching assistant.

“We have about ten members – boys and girls – and we are doing all the normal Cub activities and badges, with a little bit of adjustment, where necessary.

“We only started a few weeks ago but it’s going really well.”

Mrs Cook’s eight-year-old son, Billy, is a Cub at the 1st Keighley (Fell Lane) pack.

“He really enjoys it and that gave me the idea for setting up something at Phoenix,” she said.

“It’s been a while in the planning, but I’m delighted it is now reality.”

The group, whose members range in age from seven to 12, meets every Wednesday after school time.

A Scout Association spokesman said: “We have a number of groups across the UK that welcome young people with a whole range of different educational and mobility needs, but it’s great to see another being added to the team.

“It’s brilliant we can reach out to young people of all abilities and backgrounds, and offer them something that excites and motivates them. We pride ourselves on making Scouting open to all, and the provision of this new group helps us with that goal.”