A 15-YEAR-OLD boy raped a schoolgirl in bushes behind the Rainbow Centre in Keighley, a jury at Bradford Crown Court heard today.

The girl, who was also 15, was curled up sobbing hysterically and with scratches to her arms, back and legs when the police arrived at her home.

Her coat and knickers were recovered from an area of bushes at the back of the family centre, in Braithwaite Grove, prosecutor David McGonigal said.

The defendant, now 16, denies two allegations of rape on November 15 last year.

He says he had consensual sex with the girl, who at first encouraged him but then felt guilty.

The smartly-dressed boy sat on the back row of the courtroom, in front of the dock, flanked by a relative and his solicitor.

Mr McGonigal told the court the two teenagers were with a large group of friends of a similar age at the Rainbow Centre. The boys and girls were chatting and some were drinking alcohol.

The defendant began kissing and hugging the girl but she told him to stop, it is alleged.

Another boy also urged him to leave her alone, the court heard, and there was a brief argument.

Mr McGonigal said the defendant took hold of the girl and led her to bushes behind the centre, saying he had something to tell her.

He pulled and pushed her to the ground and got on top of her.

It is alleged she told him to 'pack it in' but he raped her.

He then left, telling her: "It'll be fine. We'll meet tomorrow."

The jury was told he messaged her on Facebook later, saying: "Don't do nothing silly. Nothing happened that night."

Mr McGonigal said the girl was "very upset and hysterical" and complained to her friends that she had been raped.

She went home and told her mother and the police were immediately alerted.

Investigating officers found the girl in a very distressed state.

"She was curled up in a ball on the kitchen floor, crying hysterically," Mr McGonigal said.

The boy told the police he had consensual sex with the girl. He said he was drunk that evening but he had sobered up by then.

He said she told him not to tell anyone what they had done.

Mr McGonigal said the jury will hear pre-recorded evidence from the girl and other teenagers.

None of the young people involved in the case can be identified for legal reasons.

The trial continues.