A SEARCH and rescue team leapt into action last night after several drivers became stranded on a moorland road at Wainstalls above Oxenhope.

The 15-strong volunteer team were called in after firefighters dealt with a blazing car at the scene of the incident.

Police and fire officers were called to Nab Water Lane, which runs past the Ovenden wind farm, by a stranded motorist yesterday evening.

The caller stated that several vehicles had become stuck, including one that was carrying young children. Another vehicle was on fire.

A crew from Keighley Fire Station tried to reach the scene from Oxenhope, then had to drive around from the other direction via Mixenden.

The police called Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team at 9.38pm to provide support A rescue team spokesman said: “The Fire Brigade were called to the scene to deal with the fire and Calderdale Council redirected a gritter to treat the treacherous icy conditions.

“Initial reports suggested three vehicles were stranded along the route however this was unconfirmed.

The police helicopter circled overhead to ascertain the full extent of the incident and a total of five vehicles were counted with one completely burnt out.”

Calder Valley control deployed three vehicles fitted with snow chains and crewed with 15 team members.

The spokesman added: “they assessed the scene to make sure no vehicles had been missed or that no passengers were still inside or on the moors. ”After finding a sixth vehicle, confirming all were clear and closing the road, no further assistance was required.”

The Calder Valley team stood down at midnight and returned to their base.