A 'VIOLENT thug' who viciously attacked two police officers after drinking two gallons of alcohol on the day of his grandfather's funeral has been jailed for 18 months.

Jack Lister tried to garotte one officer with his radio lead and concussed another with a blow to the temple, Bradford Crown Court heard today.

Lister, 23, a ground worker, of Staveley Road, Ingrow, pleaded guilty to assaulting PC Richard Croden and PC Rebecca Allen and causing them actual bodily harm.

He also admitted making a threat to kill PC Croden and criminal damage to the officer's wrist watch and radio and to a police vehicle.

Prosecutor Jonathan Sharp said the officers were called by members of Lister's family to his mother's address in Hainworth Wood Road, Keighley, in the early hours of October 11.

Lister was upstairs verbally abusing a group of people that included a terrified girl aged six.

When the officers tried to arrest him, he pushed PC Croden on to the stairs and held PC Allen down by the back of her neck.

PC Croden went for the emergency button on his radio but Lister wrapped the wire round his neck.

"He was being garotted by his own emergency equipment," Mr Sharp said.

Lister was handcuffed by the officers after CS gas was used in a bid to subdue him.

PC Allen suffered concussion that led to her having to take a fortnight off work.

PC Croden suffered cuts to his face and grazes to his elbow.

Lister damaged the police vehicle, spitting in it and smearing it with his blood on the way to Trafalgar House police station in Bradford.

Lister's barrister, Abigail Langford, said he had taken his grandfather's death exceptionally hard because he had brought him up.

He told his probation officer: "What I did was atrocious and made matters a hundred times worse."

Lister had issues with alcohol and anger management, admitting to drinking two gallons of alcohol that day.

He was a hard working man with a young child and his partner was in court to support him.

Judge Peter Benson commended PC Croden and PC Allen for their brave actions in arresting Lister after he attacked them.

He said Lister's family's anguish at the loss of his grandfather was increased enormously by his appalling behaviour.

He had attacked two officers doing their best to protect people put in fear by Lister.

"Officers going about their duty must be protected from violent thugs like you," Judge Benson said.