DO YOU recognise any of the people in these pictures from the First World War?

Volunteers from the Men of Worth Project need the help of Keighley News readers to identify the subjects of the photographs.

The pictures were found in a package of historic images – reproduced as postcards – handed to amateur historians in Keighley.

The Men of Worth researchers have been able to glean only tiny amounts of information by examining the uniforms of the servicemen.

One picture had the words “Mr J Walbank wedding group” on the back.

Men of Worth founder Andy Wade hopes local people might have identical photographs in their own family photo collection, or recognise a family likeness in the faces.

He said: “We’ve not come up with any information about where the pictures came from except that they were with a big stack of local photographs.

“There are probably about 40 pictures, 10 with soldiers on. The other ones are generally pictures of all sorts of things.

“It could quite easily have been a collector who has gone round flea markets collecting postcards. None of them have stamps or any writing.”

The Men of Worth Project, which consists of local volunteers – has set out to research every person in the Keighley area killed in past conflicts including the First and Second World Wars.

The organisation also provides information to the Keighley News for its weekly article about individuals who served during the First World War.

Mr Wade does not know where the pictures originally came from, but suspects they may have been donated by a local person during a Keighley Local History Society open day a couple of years ago.

They were found recently by society member Andrew Parker along with about 30 other black-and-white postcards – mostly showing people in and around Keighley – when he moved house.

Mr Wade said: “People bring in things like this in from time to time. They contact the History Society and say they have been clearing out their grandfather’s stuff and came across the photographs.

“Andrew Parker handed them to me because the Men of Worth Project have more chance of finding out who the servicemen are.”

Mr Wade, who is a member of both the Men of Worth Project and the Keighley Local History Society, said the two organisations exchanged pictures in this way whenever it may prove beneficial in researching their background.

Anyone who can help identify people in the pictures should contact Andy Wade by emailing, call 07792 665336, or write to 21 Providence Crescent, Oakworth, West Yorkshire, BD22 7QU.