FLOWER growers are flying the flag for home-grown blooms to celebrate British Flowers Week (June 15-21).

Susan Dobson, Jane Tucker, Rachel Slater and Susanne Loweth created a red, white and blue floral feature from seasonal flowers, including peonies, white lilac, bluebells and cornflowers.

“We thought this was the perfect way to ‘flag up’ the beauty of British flowers to brides and other customers.” said Susan, of Bradley.

She said locally-sourced British flowers are increasingly being requested for seasonal bouquets, weddings and funerals.

“They are usually grown with fewer pesticides, they tend to be more scented than imported flowers and they have a certain charm and delicacy that cannot easily be replicated using high-mileage imported flowers” she added.

Susan, Rachel, Jane and Susanne are all independent florists and flower growers. “We have all come up with the same great idea to grow flowers for the local market,” said Rachel, of Bingley.

"Although we each run our own businesses, we support each other with advice, practical help and extra flowers, when needed.”