PLANS to install a second wind turbine at a quarry overlooking the Worth Valley are being strongly opposed by the Brontë Society.

The organisation has objected to the application for the turbine at Naylor's Hill Quarry, which was submitted by Gillson & Co (Haworth) Limited.

Alexandra Lesley, chairman of The Brontë Society Council, said: "It's extraordinary that the supporting data for this proposed wind turbine – particularly the landscape visual aspect assessment – takes no heed of the special character of Haworth village or its surrounding moorland."

The plans being considered by Bradford Council are for a structure which would be 48-metres high from its base to the tip of the turbine blades.

Gillson & Co argues that the additional turbine will generate renewable energy for the National Grid and help meet the Government's renewable energy targets.

It has also pointed out that the device would not be visible from the area around the Brontë Parsonage, Haworth Parish Church or the top end of Haworth Main Street near the Black Bull pub.

Members of the public have already submitted their responses to the application online, with one commenting: "Ultimately I would much rather a turbine than a power station and so I would welcome a second turbine at the site."

But Ms Lesley said: "If the proposed turbine joins the one already dominating the land high above Haworth, this will damage further the conservation of this unique village."