STUDENTS at a Keighley school got up close with birds of prey.

Feathered visitors descended on Oakbank as part of a celebration marking World Falconry Day.

Chris and Sandra Johnson, from SMJ Falconry, took along three birds – a Harris hawk, peregrine falcon and tropical screech owl.

"We explained the history of falconry – from how it started to what we do today and our equipment," said Sandra.

"The pupils learned the differences between hawks, falcons and owls, and then we flew Oslo – the Harris hawk – in the classroom."

Lindsay Black, head of science at the school, said: "The children were totally enraptured by the birds, particularly Bubbles the owl!

"It was a thrilling experience for them and something very different from their normal lessons."

The project was part of Falconry for Schools, a Countryside Alliance Foundation scheme.

And a host of other activities was staged at Oakbank that day as part of an initiative moving pupils away from the normal timetable.

Year seven explored Keighley creatively through art, year eight enjoyed options workshops, a group of year nine students visited the science museum in Manchester and others took part in a PE challenge and were educated about knife crime and keeping safe.

Year ten tackled various topics and attended a careers fair.

Kay Leigh, assistant headteacher, said: "We would like to thank all external organisations involved in the day and hope they will continue to support us in the future."