SERVICES are restarting at Haworth Parish Church following repairs to the church roof.

The first service since the church reopened will be on Sunday (August 21) at 10.45am.

The congregation will return after spending the past six months, taking regular worship with members of Haworth’s West Lane Methodist Church.

A parish church spokesman said: “We have enjoyed out time with the Methodist congregation and we have shared much happiness with them.

In fact it has boosted relationships between the two denominations and we hope to share more times with the Methodists in the future.

“But we are looking forward to going back ‘home’ and seeing what differences we can see with our new facilities, north door and repaired north-facing roof.”

The £750,000 of work has included refurbishments to both sides of the roof, tower renovations, a new heating system and improvements to the interior of the building, which feature provision of a toilet, a fully-equipped catering area and a new entrance to allow for disabled access.