CULLINGWORTH councillors have checked out the state of the Great Northern Trail following work on the neighbouring Manywells housing development.

Councillors had a site meeting at the footpath after Barratt David Wilson Homes carried out tree felling and clearance that was necessary as part of the house-building project.

Also present were representatives from Barratt David Wilson Homes, Bradford Council, and alternative transport group Sustrans which looks after the Great Northern Trail.

At its recent meeting, Cullingworth Village Council were told that the area was now looking better than it did immediately after the felling was carried out. Most of the wood had been taken away by residents for fuel burning.

Barratt David Wilson Homes said the work had been needed for infrastructure and to remove contaminated tipping which had slid over into the area. The company had also removed a concrete base from the original industrial site.

Councillors thought the line of the back gardens from the new houses extended nearer to the Trail than they had originally thought.

Councillors were concerned about the risk of increased flooding on the trail, but the housing developer said it had built attenuation tanks to take excess water.

The Great Northern Railway Trail runs along the line of the old railway track from the centre of Cullingworth across two viaducts to Harecroft.

Another section runs between Thornton and Queensbury, and the aim is to eventually create one continuous route for walkers, cyclists and horse riders.

Barratt David Wilson Homes is building 233 homes and 2,160 sq metres of commercial floor space on former industrial land at Manywells Brow.

As a condition of the planning commission the company is donating £410,000 to build a new village hall and preschool facility next to Cullingworth Medical Centre, to replace the current rundown village hall in Station Road.