A WOMAN from Keighley came agonisingly close to winning a £100,000 prize in a national television contest.

Anna May, from Riddlesden, took part in Channel 4's "Hunted", a programme in which she and nine other fugitives had to stay on the run from a team of expert hunters for 28 days. The filming took place in May of this year.

In the final episode screened last night, (October 27) Miss May and her friend Elizabeth Garnett, from Yeadon, had made it to day 26 when they were captured near Sedbergh, despite a dramatic last ditch attempt to escape.

The pair had managed to stay ahead of their pursuers for nearly four weeks by randomly hitching lifts from strangers and travelling all over the UK, going as far north as the Scottish Highlands and as far south as Cornwall.

But their luck ran out when their location in North Yorkshire was reported by a member of the public who was out to win a reward from the hunters.

Miss May, 25, who works as an administrative assistant, said: "We were so unlucky. After we heard a radio advert asking people to give information on where we were I had a feeling we'd get caught that day.

"It was overwhelming but I'm proud of how well we did. We couldn't have done anything differently.

"I thought it was going to be embarrassing and cringe-worthy watching myself on television but I was quite happy with how they portrayed things."